Though house painting job appears to be fun as shown in the movies, however, it is a totally different experience in reality. If you are not careful with the paint job then you will end up wasting a lot of your money because you will need your house paint redone by the professional then. There are many instructions available online if you want to perform the painting job yourself. But we will suggest to hire one of the Affordable Painters in your area in order to avoid a messy and expensive situation. you can still take part in the paint job by supervising the whole process and ensuring that every task is performed diligently.

Pick the Right Paint Type

You do not just need to pick the right color and shade for your rooms, but you also need to pick the right paint type. There are many types of paint available in the market and their rates vary based on the quality and type of the paint. The paints can either be water-based or oil-based. Both have different purposes if you pay attention.

The water-based latex paints are easier to clean with soap and water. moreover, due to their water-based nature, these paints dry quickly. Whereas; the oil-based paints have flexibility and they are less likely to crack. Moreover, they last longer than the water-based paints but they do take some time to dry. These paints also need mineral spirits for clean-up whenever needed. You can turn your house paint job flawless by picking a primer for the surface before paint is applied.

Follow the Tips On The Label

Most of the people just focus on the brand name and shade of the paint. However, they do not check the label or read instructions provided by the company. The label contains useful tips and guidelines which must be followed to ensure a perfect paint job. These tips should be read and noted down before starting the paint as the paint can smear the label.

Whichever paint type you have selected, you should also clean the wall surface before getting the paint started. If you have hired an expert of Residential Painting in Carmel IN then you can supervise the job and make sure the painter is following your instructions.

Method Selection for Painting

The paint job is performed by the experts by using a roller or a brush. Both of these methods are useful, but depend upon the area being painted. If the worker is painting narrow surfaces or borders, he should use a paint brush for finishing touches. Whereas; the roller is used for wide, long and even surfaces. The long-handled roller is also useful to paint higher locations. The same technique is used by professionals while doing Commercial Painting in Carmel IN.

Finishing Instructions

This is a very important stage as it ensures how perfect the final look of painted wall will be. The finishing coat should be applied in a smooth way to avoid lap marks on the surface. The exterior surfaces should be painted when the sun is not shining directly on the surface. Moreover, paint can leave drops and lines on your floor even if the worker is doing the job cautiously. Therefore, it is better to tape newspapers or plastic to cover all the surfaces in the room. Another important point to remember is that the paint should always start from the higher surfaces of the room. It creates a better finished look.

Trending Paint Colors for Living Room

You can use shades of gray, green, blue, black, peach or crimson for your living room.

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