Want to escape the bland look of urban landscape? If you have the rooftop for the job, everything is possible. Even the smallest rooftop surfaces can be transformed into natural getaways if the roof can support this project. Creating a beautiful rooftop garden is a great idea for people who can’t spend time on their rooftop due to the lack of shade and privacy. Not to mention the relaxing feel that the added touch of greenery can provide you with. If you’ve been thinking about turning your rooftop into a garden paradise but never really got inspired enough to do it, keep on reading.

1. Choose your plants

Your choice of plants will depend on the look you want to achieve. If it’s shade that you want, you can either plant trees or create vertical gardens. You may think that a tree sounds too unrealistic, but there are plenty of smaller trees that can grow in containers. Of course, don’t overstuff your rooftop only with tall greenery. Shrubs, vines and plants complement the trees perfectly and create a true garden feel. There are plenty of low-maintenance plants that could make this endeavor easier for you.

2. Color selection

Image 3 source: freshome.com

If you want to have a rooftop garden but don’t want to disturb the harmony of the surrounding urban landscape, simply be very selective when it comes to colors. Basically, stick to the three-color rule. The green of your plants can be considered a neutral color, so make sure that your garden furniture, pots and flower petals don’t clash in color. Of course, it’s pretty easy to pick the furniture and other décor bits with a specific color in mind, but you can also get the same service with your plants. For example, companies like Robert Plumb provide their clients with architectural, landscape and furniture solutions for a perfect end result. In that respect, you can always have a professional help you with your rooftop garden design.

3. Appropriate furniture

If you want to spend your free time in your rooftop garden, you’ll need adequate furniture. The style and furniture layout will greatly depend on the size of your rooftop as well as the look that you want to achieve. If your rooftop is covered and protected from the elements, you have more freedom of choice. You can play with dining sets that consist of tables, chairs and benches. This can also add a bit of a country vibe. If you want to go full modern, sofas and coffee tables are a perfect solution. On the other hand, bamboo furniture can make this area look like a true natural oasis while metal furniture can add a touch of chic style.

4. Lighting and décor

Lights can significantly affect the look of your rooftop garden. In case you want to create a more private feel, recessed “floor” lamps can make this come true. If you want to spend time hanging out with your friends and family, opt for bright LED lights. A more whimsical atmosphere can be achieved by using fairy lights, candles and torches. Of course, don’t forget effective décor pieces either. Statement statues, fountains and even fire hearths can all contribute to the look of your perfect garden getaway. The size of your rooftop doesn’t matter as long as you keep it in mind when choosing your garden’s focal point. This can even be the most beautiful plant, shrub or tree.

5. Vertical ideas

Utilizing vertical space is very important when it comes to the rooftop gardens. By placing plant pots or creating vertical gardens, you can create an effective noise insulation as well as keep this area cooler during the summer months. So, you have the option of hanging plant pots, repurposing some old items in order to cover the vertical areas completely or even planting vines all over the bare vertical roof surfaces. Even if you don’t have much space to work with, this technique will add enough greenery, texture and décor to your rooftop, without limiting your freedom of movement.

Spending time in your garden, fresh air and sunlight will improve the quality of your life. Not only will you feel healthier, but your mood and energy levels will get better as well. Don’t let the gray of your city take over your life. With a little bit of effort, you can create a perfect natural refuge on the top of your home so that you can enjoy yourself and de-stress after a long day.