The roof is one of the most important parts of the house. Despite this, most homeowners will either neglect it or forget about it simply because it is out of the way. No one will stumble upon the roof every now and then and comment on how old and dilapidated it has become. Trouble only comes when you the water begins seeping through the punctured roof or when the damage literally screams for roofing repair and maintenance.

How Often Should You Look for a Roofing Contractor

It is wise to have your roof inspected at least once a year and after a major storm. This will ensure that you address any damage before it escalates into something that will cost you a fortune. Normally, early roof damage can be restored by doing localized repair. If ignored, the damage will spread and affect bigger portions of the roof.

Apart from this, roof repair and replacement is pegged on the actual age of the roof. You might have to inspect and repair more often once the roof hits its half life. You will need the roofing contractor to do a complete roof replacement once the roof outlives its usefulness.

A typical roof will last between 20 and 25 years. This reduces if you are dealing with a roof installed over an older layer of roofing. This is a common practice when dealing with asphalt shingle roofs.

Apart from these standard rules, there are other hints to the fact that you should call in a san antonio roofing contractor. These include:

Curling and buckling Roofing Material

Curling or loose roofing material, be it corrugated iron sheets or asphalt shingles always spell disaster. They are a weak point that must be addressed least it brings down the entire roof. A casual glance at your roof from a distance might be all you need to identify such damage.

Daylight Streaming in Through the Boards

This is the easiest way to tell if your roof has holes when the rains are far away. Get into your attic or loft and look up the roof. If you see any light streaming in, those are holes and cracks that must be repaired before the rains set in. Such holes will spring leaks that will either damage your ceiling or make the roof damp hence spreading the damage.

Missing Sections of the Roof

The last thing to look for is any moving sections of the roof. This is common after a storm or if you were away for a while and didn’t see the damage set in. The amount of missing roofing material and the impact of the elements on the rafters will determine if you have to repair or install a new roof altogether.

Hiring the right contractor guarantees you of high quality service at affordable costs. To choose a contractor, pay attention to past contracts and customer reviews. You have to be sure that you are hiring the best for your roof. After all, a home isn’t a home with the roof gone. You wouldn’t want a shoddy job on the most important part of your lovely home.