There are always periods in life when we feel the urge to change something about our lives. Change always feels good, no matter the scope. One of the easiest places around the house to which you can introduce a few changes is definitely the kitchen. Now, contrary to popular belief, this won’t cost you a fortune if you have just a bit of creativity and cleverness.

Keep on reading to find out what are some of the easiest ways you can transform your kitchen without spending big bucks.

Decorate the cabinets

This is a simple trick, but it does the job. Simply buy a bucket of paint – and make sure that it’s completely different from the one you have for the maximum effect, take down the cabinet doors and paint them over. You can paint all the doors in the same color or make them completely different. Another fun idea might be to decoupage them with an interesting paper, napkins, prints, rice paper…the possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for a way to open up the space, consider losing the cabinet doors completely and turn the cabinets into shelves.

Make a statement wall

When in doubt, use color! If you want to make a big change in your kitchen, go for the walls or even better, a single one. A statement wall can really change the atmosphere and it’s quite cheap to make. You can either paint it in a single lively color or choose to decorate it with wall stickers. You can buy these stickers at your local craft store or you can make them yourself. Another option is to create a themed wall by hanging family photos or interesting plates that have been collecting dust in the attic for a while now. Look for more ideas online.

Accent rugs

Most of the kitchens have floor tiles, which are very practical, because you need to be able to clean those numerous spills easily. However, adding an accent rug or two can make the room look significantly warmer. Placing a rug in front of the sink can have two benefits: it’s both warming and cozier for the feet. Choose a simple design for a kitchen that’s cluttered, while colors and patterns are a great option for a monochromatic one.

Tiny details, big effect

In case you are lacking time and money, but still want to redecorate your kitchen, go for the little things, such as new handles and hinges. The absolute favorites of this year are faux gold, brass and silver. However, you can also spray paint them in any color you like.

New windows

No, this doesn’t mean that you should put new windows in the kitchen. Rather, it means: decorate your windows with new, interestingly designed small curtains. They don’t cost much, yet you are presented with a never-ending choice, and you can even make them yourself. Other than curtains, you can opt for window stickers or various hanging ornaments.

Small appliances

Surely, a new turquoise refrigerator would make quite a change, but you certainly don’t need to spend that kind of money just to make your kitchen look different. Small appliances can also do the trick. An unusual toaster, coffee maker or blender are relatively affordable, and can breathe new life to your old kitchen. Consider buying Whirlpool appliances because they are known for their durability and quality.

Light it up

Last, but not least: light it up! A kitchen should be a bright, warm place. If you don’t have enough light or simply want to introduce a new lighting fixture, think about lamps. You can choose either standing or hanging lamps. The best place to put a lamp is near the kitchen counter.

As you can see, you can redesign your old kitchen and make it look completely new. And the beauty of it all is – these upgrades won’t cost you an arm and a leg.