Our prosperity, behavior and health are affected by the look of living environment as well as its functionality. For these reasons it is important to properly arrange the overall energy emitted by you living space by focusing on your needs and interests in order to accomplish your goals much easier. This will influence every aspect of Feng Shui and give you an adequate foundation on which these ancient Chinese techniques can become truly efficient and effective. Before doing a Feng Shui on a low budget it is important to have some certain things in mind.

  • You should clean your house thoroughly with paying special attention to corners as well as covered parts of furniture.
  • Wash every window and start dusting everywhere. After you do this it is important to maintain a clean room because our home represents the mirror of our lifestyle.
  • By dusting regularly you are affecting your respiratory system in a good way by providing your home with a positive flow of ”chi” energy.
  • Fix any squeaking doors and make sure you can open them easily. It is also recommended to keep everything functional in your home so it is important to fix all taps, sockets and other things you use every day.
  • Throw away anything broken or chipped starting from the kitchen (cups, plates, pots…). Get rid of everything you collect or keep for ”a rainy day ” and especially things that have no real purpose. If you don’t want to throw away everything you can store it in the pantry or the basement but make sure that you create some order because having everything piled up in your storage can also create negative influence on our life.
  • Get rid of everything that reminds you of the painful events or hard moments in the past. These objects are often pictures, gifts, records and only by throwing them away you can free yourself from the past and continue to live undisturbed.
  • As much as they seem harmless and pointless, these little things represent some insurmountable obstacles that don’t allow the positive chi energy to circulate smoothly through our living space which creates negativity between the household members.

Feng Shui in the Kitchen

The biggest mistake when fitting kitchen units is to set the refrigerator right next to the stove or the stove next to the sink. The best position for the stove is to place it between the refrigerator and the sink. Having an unbalanced kitchen may have negative effects on the health of your household members and their weight. By placing some small plant in between two elements can create more harmony and much better flow of energy. The red color should be avoided it this room because red represents the fire element.

Feng Shui in the Dining Room

The rectangular tables symbolize the inequality among family members and can lead to conflicts between parents and children. The most desirable form of a dining table is a round shaped table and if you have more family members than you should look for a hexagonal table type. Having a mirror on the wall next to the dining table is also recommended because it enhances the abundance of food.

Feng Shui in the living room

The best arrangement of the furniture is avoid placing them right against the wall. This can block the positive flow of the good energy in most important room in our home. This is the room where all family members gather to share opinions, experience and emotions so you should pay special attention to this part of your home. The priority here is to enhance the comfort and warmth as much as possible. The family pictures on the wall are a great way to ensure stability and harmony between family members.

The second thing you need to look at in the living room is the comfort level. The level of comfort could be enhanced by purchasing some cozy designer rugs. The presence of rugs will have influence on the visual aspects of the room and provide much greater impression of warmth and comfort. If you have a small living room you don’t need to cover every inch of your flow with a rug. You can achieve much greater flow of positive energy by purchasing a nice piece. Of course, you should focus on the color of the rest of your furniture when buying a rug.

The key to success, happiness and joy lies in the balance of our living space. By doing some research on how colors react to each other you will start to understand the importance of balance in every little aspect of your life.