You are moving and it’s nothing if not exciting! Are you in search of lower rent or moving to live in a better place? Has a new job or job transfer landed you at a new place? Is your family expanding? No matter the reason, getting everything you own from one home to another can be difficult to orchestrate. Further, apart from the realization you’ll be building a new life somewhere else than the place you are used to can be a bit stressful, especially if you are not that easy to adapt to new things. Then, there’s the change of location, getting used to your new neighborhood, and – moving everything into your new home.

Here are some great tips how to handle moving successfully and do everything in the shortest amount of time:

1. Address Change

Before you even begin packing, notifying the post office, bank and other important contacts about the move and give them your new address. These things rarely take effect immediately so, regulating these things in time will ensure everything is updated and in order by your move-in date. And once those things are settled, you can enjoy that glass of vine and a nice meal you deserve to have in your new home.

2. Make a Moving List and Double Check

With the crazy fast lies we lead, it’s become understood that moving is a part of the whole process, so somehow we seem to have gotten used to that crazy. Still, that doesn’t make it any less stressful, each time around. And, if anything – we’ve learned that relying on things just playing out the way we wanted them to, it’s better to make a solid plan and stick to it.  Make a list of things you need to do. A list will put into perspective things that need to be done in accordance with their importance. Plus, you’ll get a rush of satisfaction each time you check off to-do items as you go. You should make it couple of months before the actual move. In case you didn’t even know you’ll be moving, then take one whole day to put that list together and get moving! Make sure you schedule deadlines while making a list, think of names you need to match with certain parts of the list, make an inventory of what you’re moving for home insurance purposes.

3. Don’t Pay For Packing Supplies

Any move, no matter how close you are moving, can really drain your wallet. In order to save as much as possible, we advise not to pay for moving supplies when you can get them for free. Once you have estimated the number of boxes you will need for your belongings, it’s time you first hit your local department and appliance stores and then move to local package or grocery stores. When choosing boxes, and this instruction is particularly relevant for taking boxes from grocery stores, look that they haven’t been damaged by food or water stains. If you are nice enough and ask politely, you may even have store clerks volunteer to set some boxes and packing paper aside for you. Don’t worry – a few trips to the right store and you’ll be all set when it comes to bubble wrap, packing paper and those much needed boxes

4. Be Organized and Realistic

Your new home can’t have everything set exactly the way your old home did and when you think about it – why should it! Moving into a new home gives you a chance to start again and fresh, so making changes regarding your décor is only natural. Apart from decorating traits, this means there are some things you’ll have to throw out. Yes, it’s understandable you are attached to every single item you own, but once you’ve unpacked (or even before the move) need to be smart and organized and decide which things need to go to the trash. Once you did, you’ll have all those boxes and unwanted things sitting around your place, making a mess and you probably won’t have enough time to deal with it. So, consider hiring a junk removal service. The service itself isn’t expensive, yet it’s really efficient and quick! It will save you a lot of time and energy! Still, if you decide on hiring them, you need to schedule their service a week or more before the actual move. Same goes for professional movers – it will cost you money, but everything will be done impeccably.