It is quite common for your swimming pools to lose some water. The reason for this can be the adults or kids splashing around the water, or even through natural evaporation. In addition to this, it also depends upon the place, water temperature, humidity and wind. However, if gallons of water start to leak just in few hours, then certain steps are vital to be taken in order to correct the problem. In the ground swimming pools the leak might be caused due to various sources. Suppose, if you are losing more quantity of water at once then certainly the cause is not normal, splash or evaporation. An easy tip to check it is whether it is because of evaporation is to simply fill a bucket with water and to place in on the step in your swimming pool with the amount of water as to the same level of the swimming pool. In case, if both are losing the water are the same rate then it is just due to evaporation, however if you find that the leak is more swift then there is a leak in your swimming pool.
Efficient steps to follow to detect swimming pool leak
1. Check the pool carefully
Mentioned below is the list of most common problems which one should check for swimming pool leak detection.
  • Check whether there are any leaks near the equipment pad. Carefully look at the pump, pipe valves, heater and filter.
  • Check for wet areas around your pool; also check the pool surrounding the ground’s moisture. Check for sunken or wet soils and eroding areas around the pool.
  • If you are having vinyl liner pool, then it is essential to look for separations or tears around the skimmers, cleaner line, fittings, returns, corners and the steps.
You can efficiently locate a leak by utilizing a duct tape. There are many ways that you can use for swimming pool leak detection. One way is to simply fill up the pool back to its usual level or normal level and then mark the same with the duct tape. Let your pool filters be running and wait for about 12 to 24 hours. After the stipulated time you can measure the loss occurred. After this, refill the pool water to its normal level and this time you can keep in mind to keep the filter system switched off. You need to wait again for about 12 to 24 hours. After the specified time you need to evaluate the water loss again. With this, you will easily be able to determine whether the pool is actually leaking.
2. Identify the location of the leak
If you recognize that your swimming pool is losing water, then turn off the pool’s filtration system and determine where the water is actually dropping. This is not suitable for a liner pool as they need to have some water within them at all times. So if you are having liner pool and your pools water level is dropping suddenly. Then, start adding water and seek the assistance of pool professional.
  • If in case, the water stops at the skimmer opening bottom; then the leak is mostly in the filtration system or the skimmer.
  • If the pool water spots nearby the light, then the leak is likely to be at the light housing.
  • If in case your swimming pool is losing much water whilst the pump is operating, then leak is probably on the system’s return line side. If it is the case, then check the backwash or waste line for running water.
If you determine you have the leak either in the liner, skimmer, and light, then look carefully for something which looks like a tear, or crack. You can use the dye test solution in order to repair the leak or can hire professionals.