Awnings have been used since ancient times. However, their popularity dwindled with the air conditioning becoming a standard in homes. With the rising costs of energy, the various ways to save money has brought them back as a simple and inexpensive home improvement project that can save a lot of money on the energy that we have to spend. The long lasting and beautiful choices of fabric make their installation not just a way to save, but also an option to add the much needed value and beauty to your property.

Save Energy and Benefits

Recent research states that awnings can save 50% of your cooling costs. What most of us do not realize is that there are eco-friendly ways to stay cool. While the AC can lead to higher energy bills, these shades can work with the air conditioner in order to keep the house cooler and the combination of both reduces the need for extra energy. When installed on your window, these can do more than just cooling the interiors. They protect your hardwood floors and furnishings from getting damaged by the sun. They look attractive and save a lot of energy when compared with the glass. The awning reduces the inner temperature of your house and your cooling bills.

The heat from the sun can be reduced by around 77% with the help of window awnings. A retractable awning on your patio or deck can create an outdoor living space or entertainment area for your friends in order to have a chilled out time in the hot summer days. You have a choice of colors to consider and can turn your backyard into a beach-like oasis with the awning and outdoor furniture.

Types of Awnings

There are different styles for different uses at home. The high quality ones might be bit more expensive, although in the long run they will cost less every year. Here are the types to consider:

  • Retractable Patio Awnings: These could be seen on upscale homes. Nowadays these awnings are affordable and can last for many years without the need of maintenance. The shades can easily be extended or retracted with a motor or hand crank. The motors come with wind sensors and remotes which will automatically retract the awnings in case there is a sudden gale and the shade was extended. They are also ideal for outdoor entertainment and keep the French doors and sliders shaded to make your house cooler.
  • Window Awnings: These are available in traditional and modern styles. The traditional window shades have sides for more sun protection than the shades without sides. Those with sides are required for the west and east facing windows.
  • Spear Awning: These are made with wrought iron frames and spear finials. They look superb on adobe and modern homes.
  • Drop Arm Awning: Meant for windows that roll up on a roller tube and can be motor operated. The latter are good for second story windows for being easily retractable from within.
  • Porch Awning: These are around the perimeter of your porch and add protection and privacy. These can keep your porch cool and protect it from the rain and sun. You may use the window awning around your porch and also add a pulley system for the ease of operation. Porch valances can even be added to decorate your porch. While they are decorative, they do not offer much protection because they are a small accent to the porch. They are 12 inches to 14 inches tall and wrap around the porch to add color, softening the hard lines. They are a popular feature on coastal homes.

After reading this blog you have all the necessary detail about awnings and you also have an enough idea to make decision of choosing the best awning that give stunning look to your home.