Whether you consider it an oasis, a getaway from the city’s rush or a peaceful place where you can grow flowers and listen to birds, your garden really is something special. It can never be seen as merely an addition to your house, an extra space or an area for befriending neighbors over the fence, but an asset a number of people cannot afford. First of all, you can’t have a proper garden if you live in a flat – not counting transformed rooftops – so people in cities generally don’t have this experience. Every flower-loving housewife and barbecue-adoring husband will tell you that nothing can’t beat having a garden. But, if you want to make it more special and introduce some novelties, you can use shipping containers in several ways that will increase your enjoyment.

A New Life of a Container

Using big shipping containers as building structures is not a completely new idea – there are entire buildings built by connecting these objects like Lego pieces. They are cost-effective, easy to assemble and have a different look and can be seen all around the world. However, shipping containers can be used in your garden as well. The possibilities are numerous and can only be limited by a number of containers you have and the size of your garden. So, you may build extra space in form of a guest house – a guest container? – or go a step further and create something for your children: instead of a tree house, they can play in a container-based one. It can also be used as a garage and it certainly is more affordable then a regular one, with the same efficiency! Or you can build a shed or a greenhouse, even an animal shelter if you’re feeling selfless.

A Greenhouse in the City

There are lots of advantages of living in a city, but you simply cannot have a garden. However, even if you do, there’s only so much you can grow there and expect it to be of high quality. But, if you make a greenhouse out of a shipping container, things might become different. What people worldwide do nowadays is combine their imagination with a desire for good food and thus were shipping container greenhouses created. Thanks to their amazing plethora of combinations, you can combine several containers on multiple levels and choose your preferences: they can store a fish aquarium, flower garden, fresh vegetables and herbs and much more, and if you combine them right, they can be sustainable and accomplish self-fertilization.

A New Shed out of Old Material

You always need more space to put your things, store your equipment or even park your car: why leave it in the rain if you have a perfectly good container that can be repurposed? Also, building a shed out of this structure has it perks when compared to wooden sheds as well. First of all, it’s much safer and lasts much longer since you can not only equip it with state-of-the-art security locks, but you can be sure that it will not be damaged in the heavy weather: if it endures sea transport, it will endure some show and wind, for sure! Furthermore, they can be custom made for your exact space and are ultimately much, much cheaper than buying wood and other materials and hiring contractors. In the end, container sheds are, by default, the definition of sustainability and you don’t have to cut any trees to get one.

A Piece of Nature

Again, modern lifestyle simply forces you to make some adjustments, whether on the place where your work or how much time you spend with your family. People have lost their touch with nature and are less and less involved in the outdoors. However, if you have some creativity and a couple of shipping containers, your desire to own a garden in the city or upgrade your existing one can lead you to many wonderful options.