Timber is a useful material, which is used for flooring in large proportions across the world. It is also referred to as wooden or planked flooring. It is used to make floorings for residential or for commercial purposes. Since it has numerous advantages it requires a hassle-free maintenance and minimum amount of cleaning, it can be one of the best options for refurbishing or remodeling your home.

In terms of ambience, the interiors of the house are much more lit up. The qualities of the wood such as the color, gloss and texture can be altered as per the requirements of the customer according to his budget.

There are various varieties of timber flooring available in the market such as:

  • Parquet flooring which implements the double combinations of block and mosaic flooring. The choice of this depends on the customer as per his budget. Different kinds of wood could be used over the floor in this case such as ash wood, rosewood, teak wood, alpine and many more.
  • Mosaic flooring is another option when it comes to experimenting with the types and designs. The kind of strutting carried out in this case is the herringbone pattern. Aluminum foil is used over this in order to create a panel-like finish. The thicknesses of the mosaics that are fitted over this are only 10mm thick.
  • Laminate flooring is a great option because it is very cost effective and at the same time has a huge variety. It is much cheaper than wood, but at the same time gives you a rich and expensive feeling.

Timber is versatile flooring when it comes to the utility and aesthetics. There are plenty of do’s and don’ts when it comes to timber flooring. In order to keep the flooring in good condition over a long period of time, it is better to abide by these rules.

Various benefits of Using Timber Flooring

  • Choosing a species of wood that enables the load imposed upon it at all times. In case of a living room, the right kind of wood must be opted for it to sustain it in a good form.
  • During the purchase of the wood, the terms and conditions must be well read and thought of. Do not do anything in haste when it comes to flooring.
  • Hiring professional people for the installation of this floor is a good idea. Workers who have a lot of knowledge about timber flooring must do this, as skilled expertise is required.
  • When it comes to the finish of your flooring, make sure you consult the people regarding the maintenance issues regarding the flooring. Proper care must be taken for getting the best results.
  • Choosing a proper moisture barrier that locks up the moisture from deteriorating the quality of wood is important. The barrier between the subfloor and the main floor is a necessity for protection.
  • Expecting a wide range of color variations comes along with the package.
  • With respect to cleanliness, make sure that the floor is far off from dust and dirt is the best way to keep it polished and clean.

Installing wooden timber flooring directly brings in moisture issues with it. Installing this kind of flooring in an area, which is not regularly looked after, cleaned and maintained, is not a good idea. Taking the help of certain wax-based cleaning agent or the use of special detergents will make the look of the flooring dull and faded. Make sure that those are kept at a distance. The use of excess water when cleaning a timber floor is always forbidden. Avoid walking all over the floor wearing spiked shoes or pumps.