We know that these are lighting product with an illumination at point source lighting in every direction. In these lights, the range of lighting is adjustable. These lights are most commonly used for lighting effects in major concerts and events. These lights have found a favorite spot in decoration and lighting squares, construction sites, parks, factory buildings, golf courses, stadiums, hotels, shops, gas and subway stations, sculptures, buildings besides other outdoor and indoor applications.

The Features of LED flood lights

When the LED flood lights work with low current then the temperature is not obvious. The brightness of the flood lights is reduced when the temperature is high, and at this time you will also find the consistency and the uniformity of the light getting worst. The large screen temperature change affects the flood light on the stability and reliability of lighting, this makes thermal design critical.  You can use LED Flood lights anywhere and so you find different colors flood lights being used in scenes of long-distance. As the illumination area of these lights is extremely large, the effect of lighting is easily predictable.

Buying and choosing LED flood lights

There are some important aspects that you should be aware about before you decide to buy LED flood lights. Some of which are listed below.

  1. You will find that the prices are different due to the brightness factor. The LED used for LED lamps should be able to meet with the Standard of Laser Class, Class 1.
  2. You also find that flood lights with anti-static are priced higher; this is due to the fact that they have a long life
  3. You will find that the LED manufacturers can produce LED flood lights due to spectral separation devices, and those with the same color and wavelength also cost a bit more.
  4. Being a one way conducive light, LED flood lights tend last long and is priced little high because otherwise because of the reverse current there might be leakage which may result in shorter life span.
  5. There is a difference in prices of these lights due to the illumination angles being different. This is the reason that LED with an angle for special emission of light cost you more.
  6. A LED flood light which can give a longer service life is expensive and this fact depends upon the lumens depreciation. A longer life means low lumens depreciation.
  7. The price is further determined by the LED chip’s size. You find that big chips can help the LED flood lights to light higher as compared to the smaller ones.
  8. Finally, a LED flood light which is resistant to UV and also fire retardant speaks of good quality
  9. Before you choose the LED flood lights you need to make sure, that these are electrically safe besides being mechanically safety, fire retardation, health friendly and more. Taking the electrical safety into consideration, you can make sure that these are in line with the national and international standards. It is further helpful if you can make sure the LED flood lights are qualified with certification on the international level like CE, GS, UL and others. You can opt for LED flood lights that are made of non-toxic materials.

Find the right manufacturer

You need to buy these LED flood lights keeping the above aspects in view. This can ensure a long life span and durability. It is wise to spend a little extra and not compromise on quality. All that you need to do before you buy a LED flood light, is have  a thorough knowledge about the location and make sure about the finishing of the flood light, which can be made of copper, stainless steel or even colored lacquer on top of aluminum.