Bathrooms are very importantly used in the home and this is the place where you love relaxing and pampering yourself. So there’s no wonder if you want your washroom to give a lavish look. When it comes to bathroom vanities below mentioned are some of the tips for making washroom fascinating and elegant. 

Latest Trends in Bathroom Designs
Papered Walls
Lately, the background wallpapers are getting an amazing revival.  With the new types of wallpapers, it is easy to use them in a steamy and wet environment. With the improved forms of ventilation systems, there are several homeowners who do not want to miss the chance of decorating the bathrooms with bright and fun patterns. You can also make use of geometric designs or light floral that can be applied on the tile wainscoting.
Soft Edges
Nowadays, washroom designers are moving away from the hard edges. Today’s bathroom vanities include softer and organic look that is very popular. The shower stalls, curved storage units are becoming increasingly popular because of the additional comfort they bring into a space.
Shape of the Bathtub
Today, you can come across the advanced washroom designs offered by bathroom vanities that use bathtubs in inventive shapes. Some of the bathtubs are designed to operate with less water and the others are made to hold the body in a cozy way.
Customized Toilets
Bathroom vanities includes some of the latest designs of the widest variety of customizable options that can make the toilet more user friendly for people with disabilities. Some of the toilets also consider cultural preferences which help an individual to sit, squat or stand.
Asymmetry Designs
When symmetrical placements are accepted conventionally as a demand for interior designers, there are several designers who are experimenting with harmonized asymmetry in order to generate attractive designs. You can make use of this trend in your washroom with subtle touches such as overhanging sinks and quirkily placed tiles.
Mistakes Should Be Avoided At Any Cost
Make sure that there’s sufficient access to your plumbing. If your plumber has to rip up your tiles or break into a wall just to access the channels, then you will surely not be happy.Ventilation is another thing where you need to be conscious because humid environment is a perfect prerequisite for promoting the growth of yeasts.  You should remember that there are various products and items for which you need to find storage space in your washroom. You should have good storage space which will ensure that your space is comfortable, practical and highly functional. 
With bathroom vanities you can easily avoid these mistakes to ensure that the bathroom renovations will meet your expectations.
Keep Your Toilet Clean and Fresh
It’s a fact that cleaning washrooms are a daunting job. Bathrooms are used every day and so soap suds build up and most of the time washrooms get wet.  So, you have to keep your toilet clean in order to keep your family healthy and active. 
Always keep a cloth in the toilet. You can keep it in the washroom or a discreet place near the washroom. Quickly wipe the basin with cloth while brushing your teeth. 
A quick wipe can easily prevent the issues that are difficult to manage such as mold and the soap scum. If you notice dirt on the basin, you can spray some shampoo in the bowl, add some water and give it a whirl. Clean the dirt and dry it off. Bathroom vanities also includes toilet cleanser for your washroom.  Before you go to bed, you have to spray a little toilet cleanser and soak it overnight. Give a quick scrub in the morning with your toilet brush. Now you can have your own Quality Bathroom Vanities & cabinets with just at an affordable price.