If you own a home or a commercial property you’re always trying to increase its value, be it through making repairs and upgrades, or finding new ways to attract clients or potential homebuyers. Everyone likes a nice lawn, but you might not consider a nice lawn a way to increase your home or commercial property’s value, but it is. In fact, studies show that the lawn and exterior of your business, is the first thing that possible clients often see, and it is also the first factor that affects whether or not they will enter your establishment or consider buying your home.

When it comes to lawn care, there is one system that will keep your lawn looking its best: an automatic sprinkler and irrigation system. There are a few different styles and models of these systems, but they all work on one shared principle which is that, if you plot out your water schedule ahead of time, based on a number of factors such as slopes and depressions, exposure to sun and shade, nearby plant-life, and soil type, then you will be able to automate a system that will take care of your lawn better than a team of gardeners ever could.

And automated sprinkler systems save you money. An automated system greatly reduces the requirement for maintenance personnel and frees up their time for other tasks. On top of that, automated sprinkler and irrigation systems greatly reduce the chances of wasting water. This is a big one. Most companies will err on the side of watering their lawns too often, thinking that there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. It’s that logic that results in lots of water being wasted, which leads to skyrocketing hydro costs, as well as being detrimental to the environment.

Lastly, automatic sprinkler and irrigation systems will keep your lawn green and healthy. Over and under watering, more often than not, lead to brown dead grass, which some business owners think needs to be replaced. You’ll save a lot of money if you’re not replacing your sod every spring. There’s really no reason to, with EZ Lawn Sprinklers irrigation systems. EZ Lawn Sprinklers are one of the most trusted names in the lawn care industry and with good reason. They’ve installed many automatic sprinkler and irrigation systems over the 29 years they’ve been active. They only use the best materials at the best prices and pass the savings on to their customers.

Don’t delay, see what and automatic sprinkler and irrigation system can do for your home or business today.