The major part of any kitchen is going to be the wet area or the area where washing for different purposes is done. It is the sink that naturally comes to your mind when you think along the line of washing in the kitchen. Apart from varying sizes of kitchen sinks, there are also different types of materials in which you will find sinks in different colors too. You can opt for durable stainless steel sinks as the metal is non-corrosive, it does not stain or give out foul smell even when you wash many things in the sink, and it also adds more beauty to your entire kitchen area.

The Durability and variety Factor

The stainless steel variant of sinks is the most popular in the market today worldwide and accounts for a whooping seventy percent consumers. In comparison to other materials, the durable stainless steel sinks are less expensive and last more.
  • While measuring the durability of stainless steel, it is measured in terms of gauge.
  • The lower the gauge, the heavier is the metal and vice versa. A heavier gauge sink is more resistant to denting, and is also less noisy as compared to a sink of a lower gauge.
  • All stainless steel sinks are resistant to heat and stains, and are thus easier to clean and maintain.
  • The easy to clean is one of the most important factors in the durability list that will influence your purchase. You can simply scrub and wash off your sink like any other utensil and it will remain clean and sparkling for years.

Varieties, Durability and Types of Steel Sink:

  • There are also scratch-proof varieties of steel sinks that do not show any marks of scratching as the years go by. They have brushed or satin finish, and not a mirror finish.
  • The durable sinks are also made sound-proof by placing padding on the underside that will reduce clanging of the metals together while washing.
  • While matching your sink with the countertop design and finish, you can opt for the under mount type of steel sink that will fit from the underside of the counter or the integral that will fit on the counter from the top of the counter.
  • Whatever be the kind of faucet you use, a pull-down or a pull-out, you can find the right type of steel sink to match with.

The Bowl Shapes and Sizes

Apart from the finishes, the stainless steel sinks also come in different sizes to cater to your needs and fit into the kitchen counter. The usual depth of these kitchen sinks will vary between six and a half to ten inches, and are well suited for the purpose of washing without splashing or spilling water outside. The overall bowl sizes too vary in size, though the most standard size used is sixteen inches by fourteen inches. These modern, durable stainless steel sinks also come as double bowls, or in single bowls for the purpose of washing and rinsing of more than one items at a time.

Matching the Décor too

  • Though it is most common to have a two bowl sink, there are some that have three bowls too. Most two or three bowl steel sinks also have typical soap and scrubber dispenser in between the bowls or on a side.
  • The sinks are usually equipped with drain boards for convenience in your kitchen, washing of both utensils as well as other commodities.
  • In case you wish to install a stainless steel sink instead of the conventional sink other than in a kitchen, you can use those that have a pedestal.
  • It will add style to contemporary straight line décor kitchens.
These modern and durable varieties steel sinks are made durable by placing around-the-sink padding with a protective undercoating. Make your kitchen more functional and hygienic with these appliances.