When spring is in that air you cannot but be excited about the seating arraignment that you have outside your home for the long and leisurely hours that you wish to spend there. Awnings are one of the best options that are likely to occur to your mind when it comes to arranging a comfortable shaded area. The best part of these shade providers is that you can easily mount them against your wall before the onset of summer and retract them as and when you wish while using them with the help of their arms. There are also manufacturers that offer handsome discounts at the beginning of the season so that you can make a good buy.

The Basic Variants

The awnings are made of a range of materials such as fabric, acrylic and polyester. The roller tops are usually made of graded stainless steel to provide the much needed support to the entire system. Most of the folding arm awnings offer an open style of shade protection that can be fitted at almost any location around the house.

  • The awnings come in two variants – the standard crank version of the modern motorized ones that operate with remote controls.
  • Most of these awnings come with a range of accessories that can be fitted with the awnings in any situation.
  • There are optional rain hood that you can add to your awning for the extra protection from the rain water. Waterproofing is usually a part of the folding arm awnings.
  • There is also the option of adjusting a variable valance that you can hang in front for an extra shade and for comfortable seating when the sun changes direction.
  • Some of the large lateral arm awnings can be extended to as much as eighteen feet and they can cover an area of about thirty feet in length.
  • The arms have high tension spring systems with steel cables that allow the supporting of the weight.

Uses of the Awning

The folded arm variants of awnings provide a cool shade to the exterior area of your home such as the patio that in turn becomes as extended living space in the summer months. Depending on the size of the area that you wish to cover, you can pick the awning so that you can convert it into a comfortable dining space with the cool accompanying breeze and the summer hues of the garden. Most awnings are engineered to withstand high wind speed in case of the rain and the storms as well. In addition folding arm awnings also help in keeping the interior of the house cooler, lessening the use of the air conditioners.

The Modern Systems

The modern folding arm awnings are available in different styles that are made to suit the weather conditions of the place that manufacturer them. Some of the most advanced awnings provide the optional sun, wind, rain and motion sensors that will lead to the awning retracting when the withstanding limit crosses the threshold. There are features that will allow you to save the operations in the menu so that the awnings fold out or retract automatically under the influence of the same conditions.

They also come with various cassette options like the standard, semi cassette or the full cassette that will conceal the entire mechanism within the head-box when retracted. The mechanism allows you to extend the awning to the degree that you wish with the crank or the motorized operation varying the size of the shade as per your requirement. The advanced technology use by some of the manufacturers ensures that the motorized operations of the folding arm awnings involve minimum cost incurrence with quiet battery operations for a seamless functioning.

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