A vanity is the centre of attraction in a bathroom. It is a wonderful combination of storage space and bathroom basin or sink that serves your purpose of keeping your bathroom space neat and clean. The idea is to tactfully conceal the plumbing connections and unsightly bottles and containers, detergent packets, etc. Today, the market has a spectrum of bathroom vanities that are offered in varied shapes, designs and sizes.

A luxurious bathroom vanity can range in a hundred options, spanning across the total length of bathroom wall or just wide or narrow vanity to support the sink. You can choose any style, whether circular or rectangular or square in size with gentle or sharp curves. If you are ready to loosen your purse strings, then you are ready to get lavishly-styled bathroom vanities with the great look and appeal. Here is a guide to picking deluxe vanities for your bathroom.

Tips for Choosing Vanity Styles

  • Vanities help to define the functional status of a bathroom. Choosing the correct vanity depends upon the size and shape of your toilet. Check out the double vanities available in the market and it is apt for large-sized spaces. It consists of two sinks that are intricately set into one vanity allowing two people to use the bathroom, one at a time. If you have a big family, then having two sinks will help to add a big difference, as more than one person can get ready faster during those busy hours.
  • Shop for the latest vanity styles. The market has two types to offer, built-in and freestanding. The built-ins are apt for large spaces, since they are great for offering more storage space and wide counter-tops. Whereas, choose freestanding vanities if your bathroom is small in size. Besides, when choosing the countertops, there are many stylish options available that offer glass or natural stone, cultured stone or solid surface. The use of stones, marbles, granites infuse maximum charm to the space.
  • Unless you explore your options you will not know the styles available in the market. Contemporary shades and finishes complete the look a luxuriously styled bathroom. The ultimate style statement is defined by color, tone, hint, architectural elements added to the vanity. Vanities range from paints to taints, veneers, laminates and wood; whatever you want to choose. Wood is the primary choice for people who prefer traditional style, punctuated with modern looks. The types can vary from engineered wood, pine and birch and other expensive materials like maple, oak, Asian hardwood, etc.
  • Consider choosing luxurious looking faucets for the vanity in your bathroom. Look out for a stunning combination of modernized elements and nostalgic styles. With the idea to revamp timeless fashion, contemporary fashion trends and Victorian styled designs are quite in trend. Italian styles are very much in demand these days. There are two types of faucets, widespread faucets and centre set faucets. The widespread faucets have a spout comprising of cold and hot water handles. On the other hand, centre set faucets combine valves and a spout on one unit base.
  • Look out for bathroom vanity set in absolute white. The color white looks sleek, sophisticated and purely stylish. Solid oak wood covered with white finish renders the ultimate visual delight that you will love. Luxurious vanity designs are defined by their soft closing drawers and doors. That enhances the reliability and safety of the vanities.

Follow the tips below to learn about the current trends so that you can make the appropriate choices for luxurious vanities. Search on the internet and you will learn about what is best. Read through the feedback to make the right decision.