Searching online, you will find wet room experts offering a wide range of bathroom products and accessories that can provide the best solution in bathroom needs, and which are optimally designed to meet the national standards for high quality. These products are designed to offer superior comfort, especially to those with limited mobility. Included in the range is the aesthetically designed wetroom shower tray with bespoke finish and available in various depths and sizes.

While buying from wet room experts, you will have options for choosing wet room shower trays that can be accessed at low levels, and are durable and tough, being made of high quality materials. These shower trays are reliable, and ensure proper safety to users, even to those with limited mobility. You will also have options to choose from reputed manufacturers, and have it installed in the right position for best suiting your shower needs. Floor former shower trays are also available, which are designed to be thicker, and which are self supporting. Included in the range of low level and floor former shower trays are those made of Acrylic, stone resin, ceramic, and those with textured slate effect. Then, there are shower trays that are finished with brilliant white color and having antibacterial properties, to make cleaning an easy process, and which are available in different shapes and sizes. Rear system in construction allows comfortable leg fit to any wetroom shower tray, being available with wet room experts.

There are wet room shower trays that can be custom fitted for linear or square drains, and designed to have a tiling surface of premium quality for both stone or ceramic tiles, and comes with a compressive strength. Built with quality materials that are fire resistant, these shower trays are waterproof and have high insulating qualities. They are light in weight, and are pre-laid to falls. The floor level base provides easy access, helping those with limited mobility to have a wonderful shower experience. Dimensions vary from 800x800x20mm to 1850x9000x27mm, being compatible with either central or offset drain position. Whether it is a wet room or a walk in shower space, these shower trays are specifically designed to provide waterproof and stable base.

Coming with a wetroom shower tray, you will find a range of shower tray accessories, that are perfectly designed to ensure that your wet room is watertight. No more risks of falling or finding difficulty in mobility, as these accessories are designed with specific purposes in mind to offer the user a hassle free and comfortable shower. Shower trays that you will find with these wet room experts are easy to install, and are easily portable. While buying these trays for wet room shower, you can get valuable advice on the installation of a wet room and also on maintenance. Custom made trays are also available which can be designed to suit the specifications of your wet room or walk in shower. To give your wet room a perfect ambience, and to get the enjoyment of a perfect shower, there can be no other alternatives than these wet room shower trays.