There is a sea of companies supplying temporary roadways services to facilitate the clients for their various needs. The service providers have a vast experience in supplying temporary roadways, marquee flooring, pedestrian walkways, storage units and matting. The temporary walkways can be used for many purposes such as sports, TV productions, concerts, weddings etc.

There are various types of roadways such as:

Heavy duty roadways:
The temporary roadways offer the ground protection mats which make the going easy when it is needed to move heavy vehicles or equipment over the soft or muddy ground. These temporary roadways are capable of carrying over 100 tonnes of weight and have no effect of the hot or cold weather. These are made from highly dense polythene or aluminium so that it is easy to move and install without the need of heavy lifting equipment.

Medium duty roadways:
It is used when the heavy duty temporary roadways are not required or when reaching to a particular location is a problem. These medium duty roadways are excessively used in UK for the film industry since it is very portable. It is made up of recyclable polypropylene and can take a maximum of 17 tonnes or weight.

Rhino mats:
These can be used for over flow car-parks. It can also be used a protective cover in the courtyards or any grassy surface where the matting needs to be moved often. It can also take a weight of 18 tonnes easily.

Super track flooring:
This flooring or walkway is manufactured exclusively in UK for use in events in various events and festivals for the pedestrian walking. It is best for accommodating large numbers of guests and can also handle the structures such as stage and bars. Being lightweight it can be installed and re-installed as required.

The other services offered by these companies supplying temporary roadways are the free on site surveys where one of the site surveyors will visit the site and will provide a free plan or quotation for the installation of the roadways so that the client gets an idea of the installation and the costs for it.

These temporary roadways supplying companies give 24X7 emergency services since even the best laid out arrangements can create trouble sometimes or a bad weather can create havoc or some additional artificial roadway is required immediately due to increased number of guests at an event. A help is sent immediately.

The various sectors where the companies supplying temporary roadways offer their services are the film and TV productions.

The festivals and concerts require the portable roadways to a large extent for the production crew and the public. The places holding such festivals with unpredictable weather conditions need artificial walkways to ensure that the show must go on.

For the Wedding and parties this flooring and the temporary tracks leading to the car parks is very essential and the same goes for the other types of outdoor events like the agricultural shows and horse trials etc.