The Unwanted Housemates

Bed bugs are blood suckers. They feed on the blood of humans and other mammals. They do not fly, but you cannot find them very easily, because of their size (about half centimetre long). They also stay hidden.

Bed bugs are usually found among heaps of dirty clothing, in dirty mattresses and beddings, in carpets and wall cracks. Poorly sanitized houses invite bed bugs and as the inhabitants travel, the bed bugs are usually quick to join them on the trip by getting into their clothes or bags.

Getting Rid of Bed bugs

Bed bugs could be difficult to get rid of, but exterminating them is very possible. Getting rid of these pests is usually one good bed bug exterminator away! You need someone that has the experience and expertise required to deal with the small bugs. Exterminating bed bugs requires more skills and processes than other kinds of extermination. Bed bug exterminators use many different methods, depending on the given situation and how infested the bug-ridden area is. To choose an efficient bed bug exterminator service, you need to consider factors like costs, the processes used by the exterminator, materials among other factors.

How to know He’s a good bed bug Exterminator

EMARG Emergency Services is a company that offers various building and maintenance services (including pest extermination) around Toronto Canada. Their professionals have what it takes to exterminate bed bugs, some of which are listed below:


This is the first action a bed bug exterminator takes the moment he steps into your place. Inspection requires close focus on problem areas to determine his method of treatment. The exterminator then gives a recommendation on the method and frequency of treatment, to ensure that the bed bugs are totally wiped out at the end.

Close Focus on Extermination Methods

You need to know the methods used by your bed bug exterminator. When bed bugs infest an area, you will naturally find a few of them on surfaces of the infested areas. Simple pesticides can address this kind of the infestation. But in most cases, the bed bugs would have gone deep inside the fabrics of the upholstery and beddings and would need a more detailed approach like steam treatment method to get rid of them. A good bed bug exterminator should have all the tools needed to carry out steam extermination.


A good bed bug exterminator should be able to communicate. To effectively eradicate bed bugs, preparation is required. The customer should know that infested blankets and bed sheets should be removed, washed, dried and placed in neat separate bags where the bed bugs cannot infest them again. Some mattresses should be rid of and some furniture removed or thoroughly dusted for bugs. It is the job of a professional exterminator to ensure that the clients understand the entire process and adhere to them.


You want to save cost in the process right? Get a quotation in advance! Do not base your choice on cost alone. Be sure he is someone with a reputation for what he does. There are always lots of services to choose from.