The concerns related to the impurities in drinking water have been around for quite a long time. These concerns resulted in the production of the bottled drinking water. However, bottled waters can get a little expensive when it comes to higher water consumption in the family. Therefore, there was a need for something which could dispense pure water and does not pinch a hole in the pocket. This is when the water purifiers were invented. While in several developed countries it is okay to drink the municipal water coming directly through the faucets, in other countries there is always a need to purify the drinking water. There are different types of water purifiers in the market and one can use them depending upon the level of impurities and amount of cleanliness one wants. Here are the details.

Pitcher Water Purifier

The water purifier which is pitcher based in not necessarily the best water purifier in India but is quite popular. One of the biggest reasons why it is popular is because it is quite affordable, pretty easy to use, and very durable. This type of water purifier uses a single layer of carbon filter through which the tap water run and gets stored in the pitcher. The pitcher can then be kept in the fridge to consume the filtered water later. Another good thing about this type of purifier is that it does not require any installation. But the consumers must make sure that before drinking the water they allow it to pass through the filter for at least 5 minutes. The filtered water can be filled in the water bottles as well. The carbon filter requires replacement in every few months (but that is the case with all types of purifiers.)

Countertop/Worktop Purifiers

As the name suggests, these types of water purifiers are designed to be placed on the worktop. Just like the pitcher purifier, they come with a single layer of carbon filter. Some of these types of purifiers are directly attached to the tap, while there are others that perform as stand-alone purifiers. They filter the water, purify it, and also have the storage system. They also come with a nozzle to dispense water. The standalone type of purifier is more expensive than the one that is attached to the taps. The installation is simple and if you are buying it from a trusted company you can be assured of water purity. This comes quite close to the best water purifier in India.

Faucet Water Purifiers

As already mentioned, there are certain water purifiers that are attached directly to the faucet. These purifiers are more convenient as they clean the water on the go thereby allowing the consumers to get the clean drinking water immediately. You can either go for the under-the-counter purifier or faucet-mounted purifier. The faucet-mounted purifiers are pretty easy to use as they get attached to the taps directly. Under-the-counter purifiers such as RO purifiers require complicated installation but they purify the water better as they include multiple layers of filters.