March is reserved for the biggest annual flower and garden show in the southern hemisphere: the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show held at the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens. This must-see event for all of you who have green fingers will present a magnificent array of displays by some of the best floral and landscape designers in Australia, garden and floral products, gardening tools, plants and outdoor furniture, as well as a special event, Gardens by Twilight. If you are eagerly awaiting to visit this flower and garden show, be prepared in advance and find out garden décor trends for this spring.

Waterwise gardening

Sustainable gardening includes various techniques, from using mulch and compost to water efficient practices. For your springtime garden, you can complement rain water harvesting methods to aesthetics. Consider catchment ponds coming in a large number of shapes, sizes and designs. In addition, opting for edible water plants as water filters, including Lebanese cress, Asian water spinach and water chestnuts can not only help you go green, but it can improve your garden décor, too.


LED technology offers some of the most efficient eco-friendly lights for your garden, such as outdoor low voltage LED lights. On the other hand, party lighting is growing in popularity, as well. There is a host of lights coming with a remote control with which you can change light colour. Light bollards, on the other hand, are perfect for accent outdoor lighting ideas. Highlighting specific plants and flowers contributes to the overall atmosphere. Finally, do not forget about installing fly lights, as useful as they are discreet.

Garden statutes

The type and size of your garden art depends on the size and design of your garden. For example, a Zen-inspired garden decorated with ponds, fountains and a small garden bridge is ideal for some Buddha statues, or pagoda lantern statutes. Animal lovers can incorporate cat, dog, or bird statues. If you want to bring out your quirky personality, consider Minions garden gnomes. Garden statues do not require constant maintenance as they are made from materials which can withstand outdoor conditions.

Native gardens

Native gardens are growing in popularity not only for sustainability reasons. There is a growing interest in native plants as they are seen as something which does not contribute to the overgrown bushy garden style. Before you start selecting native plants, contact your local nursery to find out a pH of the soil. Most Australian soils are neutral, while some of them are alkaline and this can affect the plant species you can choose. You can expect additional work when it comes to modifying soil conditions, too. Clay soils do not require additional fertilisers, while sandy soils need low-phosphorus fertilisers formulated for Australian native plants.

Indoor-outdoor combination

2016 will be the year of rethinking outdoor experiences. Outdoor resembling indoor is another trend you can incorporate in your garden this spring. Installing a garden pergola, or a gazebo along with a table, chairs and garden lanterns is a good start. A raised platform made of oak boards is a beautiful and kid-friendly option. Next, fire pit patio sets can be integrated into the landscape creating a relaxing place for conversation. If you plant to design an outdoor kitchen, locate it as close as possible to the indoor kitchen as gas, electricity as water lines are less expensive in this case.

New ideas and styles in garden design can help you upgrade your garden in the most personalised manner. The latest trends redefine gardening as we know it offering a perfect combination of technology and sustainability. You can do some upgrades by yourself, but some should be left to professionals. For instance, contact professionals if you decide to grow local plants as they require special treatment.