The correct finishing and care can be obtained via polished concrete floors. These finishes are time consuming but one can get extraordinary results after going through the process. For a real makeover of your house you just need to work on the finishing of the floor in order to get a new look. The procedure to get the exotic floor can be time consuming and begins from sanding the floor, followed by staining and finally finishing and polishing.

Things you will need:

  •       Light sand paper
  • Gloves
  • Rollers with long handle
  • Floor wax
  • Brushes
  • Rags
  • Floor sanders
  • Dust Masks


Step 1 – Sanding

The first thing that you need to do is to remove all the rugs on the floor and make the floor free from any adhesive or nails. Hire a drum floor sander to start your work. Although these sanders are heavy but you will get used to its working. These sanders work very fast and you will see your work getting completed in just a jiffy. Some new lightweight sanders are also available these days and these are easier to handle. Use the sand paper of high grit which fits well with your machine. Don’t run the machine for very long on one spot, as it will create irreparable damages on the polished concrete. Push the sander parallel to the grain never across the grain. Once you have completed sanding repeat the method by using sand paper of lesser grit. You can use an edging machine for floor edges where the sanding machine can’t reach. Continue the sanding action to get a smooth surface.

Step2- Staining

The next important step to obtaining exotic looking polished concrete floors are the correct staining. Although the staining process is optional, if you want you can leave floor in natural tone and straight away apply wax and polish.

For those who want to give color or stain to their flooring need to first mop the floor well. You need to make the floor free from all dust and dirt. One can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of finer dust particles. Once you have decided on the color or highlight you want to give on the floor, you can check the shade by applying it first on the sides. Only when you are satisfied with the shade should you apply it on the entire floor. You can use a brush and a rag to apply the stain.  Apply the stain along the grain and for lighter shades control your application with the help of a rag. You can apply a second coat if you desire but only when the first has dried.

Step 3- Finishing and Waxing

Polyurethane is the compound, which is used as protective layer for your desired stain. Apply it with brush or rollers only when the polished concrete floor is dry. You can apply a second coat and aloe it dry overnight. Move in furniture after a few days.

Waxing is another option; it imparts an added smoothness, shine and durability to the wood floor.

Sanding the floor creates a lot of dust always wear a mask and an eye guard. The dust particles can be very irritating for the eye and also for lungs if inhaled.


  • Always do your work in well ventilated area, so that the dust can move out also the stench of the chemicals and varnish.

Remember that when it comes to your polished concrete floors, you have to implement post care measures too as the wear and tear on them is rather strong. You have to ensure regular cleaning and moping using gentle soap formulas that work best here.