Getting the keys to your new home is a moment that marks the end of months of hard work, saving and patience. You are now the owner of your own property in a new location. It’s a fresh start that can benefit your family in a number of ways. But settling in and adjusting to your new surroundings can take time. This time can be extended even further without the correct planning and foresight. While it can be easy to get wrapped up in color schemes and furniture, there are some things that are more vital. Here are three things that you should prioritize as soon as you move in.

A map of the local area

If you are moving to a new area, having a map which you can refer to is highly advantageous. You can print one off the internet or source one from a local book shopbefore your move. While you have probably visited the area before, an up to date map can give you useful and in-depth information. It can show you where the local supermarkets, bus routes and train stations are. It can also show you the local parks, shops and areas of interest that are surrounding your new home. This will help you feel more familiar with the area in no time. Again, keep the map somewhere safe and easily accessible.

A place to store your documents

Moving house entails packing up the rooms in your home into multiple boxes and bags. This is the easiest way to transport your belongings from your old home to your new one. But important documents such as your ID, insurance policies and mortgage details can easily get misplaced. Use a box, folder or safe to store these vital documents as you pack, but keep it separated from the rest of your packing. Look at the floorplan or photographs of your new home and choose a suitable place where you can keep the box or folder safe. This should be somewhere it cannot get easily damaged. Aim to put this item in place before anything else to reduce the risk of loss or damage.

Sufficient security

Before you move in, ask if your new property has a security alarm system. If not, you need to start looking at suitable ones that you can install. Security alarms and sensors, for example, are affordable and effective ways to prevent and reduce property crime. So it’s beneficial to have one set up before or during the first few days in your new home. You should also look into changing the locks and adding light sensors to your front door and garden area. It’s likely that you and your family may feel vulnerable in your new home for the first few weeks. Having sufficient security can help everyone relax and feel at ease. Ask a security specialist to inspect your property to offer suggestions.


Having these things prepared in the early stages of your move will help make your new property feel more like home a lot quicker. While also keeping it protected and organized.