We have more access to decor inspiration than ever before. Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms have all become great sources of interior ideas. Magazines have a plethora of advice and inspiration too. But it can be hard to stay original when we’re bombarded on every side. Some styles of decor have become incredibly popular over the years and it is not difficult to see why. The all-white decor with mirrored or metallic accents creates a clean canvas effect. A fresh and feminine feel that adds a sense of space to even modestly sized rooms. The beachy theme of bleached wood, turquoise accents, and sea and surf style ornaments is also popular. But there are some styles that are underrated for creating a chic, unique, and inviting space. Browse the ideas below for some creative decor themes that you may never have come across.
The Travel Theme
Travel can be one of the most exhilarating things we can do. From an interiors perspective, the experience of other homes, cultures, and cities can inspire us hugely. A travel theme can be very broad in scope and personalized to suit you. Lovers of all things French may choose to incorporate French landmarks into their ornaments and artwork. The impressive image of the Eiffel Tower can be the crowning glory of any mantelpiece. Others may enjoy Asian influences. An Eco Asian collection of interiors might incorporate aspects of Asian history or nature. Rich, luxuriant fabrics and natural prints such as bamboo or blossom can be an elegant feature. Wood and more simple details can create a spa-like effect. A globe can be a beautiful centerpiece on any coffee table and creates an aesthetic of travel and adventure too. Many travel lovers also love to feature vintage maps or framed map prints on their walls. This creates a sense of exploration and uncharted territory. Paired with vintage-style lamps and candles, we can create an inviting and exciting space.
The Vintage Theme
History can provide a wonderful basis of inspiration for our decor. Almost any era is open to us from ancient history to relatively modern. Industrial vintage designs are perhaps especially popular. This might include exposed lighting, wooden beams, and rustic metal accents. The theme can be made more homely while retaining its edge by adding fabrics and throws. This softens the space but doesn’t affect the linear, industrial effect. We can source vintage fabrics and ornaments online or at antiques dealers for some truly rare finds.
The Impressionist Theme
Impressionism was an art movement that began in France. It is characterized by graphic but delicate brush strokes and a distinctive use of light and color. It doesn’t have to be difficult to interpret in interiors. If we keep the base of our color palette neutral, we can add bold pops of color in fabrics, curtains, and wall art. For a truly Impressionist feel, colors should be watered down and muted while still effect. Blues should be more grey-hued than turquoise, for example. Orange should be more burnished than bright. Let in as much light as possible to the room for a fresh, fabulous, French-inspired style.