Do you want to plan, build and enjoy an incredible summer house for your garden or outside space? Then you’re in the right place! Read on for a guide to creating an incredible summer house.

Check if your need planning permission

It might seem silly applying for planning permission for a summer house, but in some cases, you need to. Check if you do before you make any plans, invest in any materials and especially before you start building. If the local authorities become aware, or if the neighbours report it, you may be instructed to take it down. That’s a lot of money, time and hard work wasted, not to mention a big disappointment for your and your family. Don’t risk it. Be sure to check the rules in your local area first. It might just be that your plans are a little too big, and if you reduce the size you can go ahead!

Find the best location

If you’re building a summer house, you’ll probably want it to be able to enjoy the best of summer. We’re talking about the sunshine of course. Spend some time figuring out where the sun falls in your garden, and build accordingly.

Buy your tools

There are a number of different ways you can build a summer house (we’ll get to that next!) But before you start building, you need to get your tools. So if you’re making a wooden structure with a concrete base, you’ll need wood and concrete! You’ll also need all your basic power tools, like a drill. Don’t forget the extras too. Things like extra strong glue, like the Dorus HKP21 by technomelt will be needed, as will items like ladders.

Build it

While building your own summer house might seem like an impossible feat, remember that confusing instruction manuals are no longer the only way! Thanks to YouTube, there are now a wealth of free videos online where you can see with your own eyes how it is done. Take this two-part construction of a summer house. This video is part one and you can also find part two on their channel. It is speeded up, so it doesn’t take long to watch. That being said, construction didn’t take them that long either. In fact, they built the whole thing in just two weeks! Being able to see the different steps and methods makes doing it yourself so much easier.

Add your extras 
A summerhouse will be fine as a standalone structure, but what about some added extras? Or bonuses, you might say. If you fit it with electricity, you can install lights, and have heating in there too. This means that you summer house becomes an all-season house. Another option, and a rather luxurious one, is underfloor heating! This is a good idea if you’re going to have kids using the summerhouse and want to keep them away from oil-based heaters or radiators. On the opposite end of that spectrum, will you need to keep the space cool in the future? If so, fitting an air conditioning system could be a very wise move!

Paint it 

Now you have your structure; you can get painting. You can leave the structure plain, and it may look lovely if it is made of wood. But it might be a good idea to put at least a clear, protective layer on top to keep it in good shape. If you do want to paint, great! Think about the color. White and cream will look great for the first few days, but will show dirt quickly and easily. A lovely shade of green is a good bet, especially as it helps it blend into the rest of your garden.

Plan your interior design

Hold your horses! Before you go crazy with the designing and painting of your interiors, take sometime to plan. While you might be super keen to get started, considering your options carefully is wise. What will you be using your space for? If it will be for kids, keep this in mind when it comes to furniture. Sharp edges are a no-no, of course! If it is for relaxing- a reading room, for example, plan for this too.

Do your interior design

Now you know what the purpose of the space is, finally, the fun bit arrives! Get interior design for your summer house from glossy magazines; you can then rip out your favorite bits and make a mood board. Or look online for inspiration. Just be sure to make the summer house that you want!