When your business is doing well, you may be run off your feet. The trouble with being really busy is that you can struggle to manage some of the tasks that are essential to running your business. And if your business needs a bigger premises for operations, then you may really have a lot of work on! Upheaval and disruption to your regular routine can make running your business tricky.

If your company is moving to a new building, you need to carefully consider security matters. How will you manage the security of documents and computers that need to be re-sited? A secure moving firm could be the best way to ensure you don’t lose essential customer details or company accounts. You may need a day or two with an IT expert to ensure all your networks are back up and running.

It will take you a while to make the transition in full. Some staff may be discouraged by all the changes. It’s important you consider ways to help them stay focused and motivated during this difficult time. Some may grumble about having to organize paperwork or physically move boxes about. Others may feel their new working space is not as good as the one they left behind. Sometimes it can help to let them create their own space so they can take ‘ownership’ of it.

Looking after your new premises is an essential consideration too. You need to be certain the space you work in is safe and clean for workers, visitors and other members of the public. Make sure you have the details of a good cleaning management company like General Services Corporation. You need a service that can take on a wide range of tasks in all weathers. Building services in rented accommodation may not supply all the help you require.

There will undoubtedly be some renovation or remodeling tasks that need to be done. Dividing spaces or just putting up shelves requires a good carpenter. You may need to create a break room big enough to cater for your workforce. Plumbing works like this often have to be agreed with the building owner, but you will still need to find the best contractor to do the job.

When you change the address, you will need to update all your livery and business stationery. This can be an enormous and expensive job. If you have an in-house creative team, this could be a big job for them to take on. Your letterhead will need to be reprinted. Any brochures or marketing material will need to be removed from circulation and reprinted with the correct details. It is important you make the change of address prominent on your website and social media pages.

This is an exciting time for your company. Success has led you to require even bigger premises. The move will be the start of a new chapter for your business. Increased capacity could be the trigger for further expansion in the future. Be sure to take care of these essential considerations when your business moves premises.