Having the right equipment is essential if you want to care for your garden. For amateurs, choosing your gardening equipment can be a tricky task. You don’t know what to buy, and may spend money on things that aren’t necessary. Well, today, I’m going to give you some trustworthy advice. I’ll inform you of all the gardening equipment you need to have!

Hand Rakes

Hand rakes are great for dealing with any garden debris you have lying around. Most people use them to tidy up piles of leaves that have fallen to the floor. But, they can also be used to tidy up plant areas without damaging the soil. Either way, they’re a fantastic tool to get your garden in tip-top shape. Clearing any unwanted leaves/debris is a great way to keep your garden beautiful.

Lawn Mowers

Taking care of your lawn is an essential part of garden maintenance. You need to ensure it looks great and maintains a lovely green color. To do this, you have to cut it regularly, so it stays healthy. And, they quickest and easiest way to do this is with a lawn mower. There are so many types of mower out there for you to use. It all depends on the size of your lawn. For people with large lawns, you need a petrol mower to make your task easier. Something similar to Beacon Equipment’s John Deere lawn mowers would be a good shout. If you only have a small patch of grass, then a small non-powered mower is all you need.


If you need to do some general garden maintenance, then shears are a much-needed tool. You can use them to trim bushes, hedges; you name it. They’re fantastic for tidying up the place and ensuring things don’t grow out of control. Some gardeners will even use them to trim small patches of grass around trees if their lawn mower can’t reach.

Trimmers/Brush Cutters

Strimmers, also known as brush cutters, are another great gardening tool. They can be used to trim grass after it’s been mown down short. But, most people will use it for trimming down weeds on patio or pavement. Getting rid of weeds is vital if you want a good looking garden. With a trimmer, you can cut down any weeds right to the roots. Then, you can spray on some weed killer, and it will be even more effective. In fact, for maximum effectiveness, I recommend spraying weed killer down beforehand too. This will start to kill the weeds, meaning they’re weaker. Then, it’s far easier for you to trim them down with your strimmer.

Make sure you have all four of these things if you want to maintain your garden. Of course, ensure you know how to store and use all the equipment too. Keep them in a dry place and make sure you read any user instructions. My top tip is to keep them in your garage or build a little garden shed. This helps keep you organized and you won’t worry about losing your valuable equipment.