When you buy a home, you are buying an investment. You want the value of it to increase over time. It’s important to keep your home up to date and stylish to ensure it retains its market value. But if you’re looking for a way to break through the ceiling price for property in your neighborhood, then you may have to upgrade your home. Improving your home is one of the best ways to profit from your property. Here are some of the best ways to upgrade your home that could dramatically increase the value of your property:


Increasing your living space can add a lot of value to your home, especially if your property is a little small for a family. An extension could also add an extra bedroom and bathroom to the house if you opt for a double story. The footings for the new part of the building will sit within your current boundary. Often, they are placed on the back of the house to reduce the red tape for local authority planning consent. This will take up a large amount of your yard or garden, but it could be a sacrifice worth making.

So long as there is still plenty of room for outside dining in your garden, it is unlikely that you will create a negative impact on the property. Family homes should have enough area for children and pets to play in too. Of course, if your extension is more like a conservatory, chances are this will be cheaper, and considered more a part of the garden anyway.

Air Conditioning

Comfort in the home is so important. When you live in a climate that tends to get very warm over the summer months, it is essential your property can be kept cool. Installing air conditioning means the temperature can be thermostatically controlled. It will provide comfort all year round. You can get it from Academy Air or other professional installation company. That way you’ll know it is safe and effective whatever the weather. Best of all, the aesthetic considerations of your installation will be taken into account.

Air conditioning is powered by electricity. This means you could enjoy feeling cooler in the summer for free if you have solar panels on the roof. The systems can also provide a little burst of heat for a chilly night too.

New Kitchen

Many potential buyers of property are keen to find houses with great kitchens. As well as modern appliances and a clean style, buyers love a kitchen big enough for a table. If your kitchen seems a little compact at the moment, consider changing some things around. You don’t have to custom-build the kitchen, but it may help you claw back a little extra room from the space you have. Moving the fittings and fixtures may require a local authority or building regulation approval. Your local builder may be able to help with that.

Fully fitted kitchens with hidden appliances and handle-free soft-close units look good. They’ll wow a potential buyer. The clean lines, minimalist aesthetic and practical solutions it offers can be very appealing. It helps the space look bigger too. If you still struggle to put a small table, island, or breakfast bar in there, consider an open plan approach. You could knock the wall through between the kitchen and dining room, or create a big family room space.


Designer gardens are highly desirable right now. If you can do the work yourself, consider sketching out your plans and measuring first. Shrubs, hedges, trees, lawn, gravel and slate chippings can be used. You want varying heights, textures, colors and scents to fill your garden. A water feature can add a lot of interest too if you have the space. One of the most important things you should have is a furnished patio dining area. Decking can be used as an alternative, and it is handy for providing a slightly elevated platform.

The front of your property should also be landscaped. Your driveway and path to the porch may need to be replaced to improve their appearance. Garage and front doors should be neat and tidy as well. You might choose a matching set. Brightly colored flowers in pots can also be very welcoming and attractive.

Loft or Attic

Many of us use the areas above the house for storing junk. If you could clear it out, it might be ripe for a conversion. This may create a new master suite, complete with luxury bathroom and walk-in wardrobe. If it isn’t suitable for a living space, it can still make a fantastic play room, music practice room, or even an art studio. Maximizing all the space in the house and creating functionality and use for it can increase the value of your home.

You may need to the area to be fully surveyed and an architect to determine what is possible up there. The work can take several months, and you may not have a full head height. But once it is complete, it can be a very stylish and highly desirable space. Access to the loft area may also need to be improved. This can impede a little on a room beneath it. You may need to consider rearranging the space downstairs to help make the loft room more accessible.


Like the attic, our garages can often be neglected junk rooms. But the garage is a large room in its own right that could be ripe for conversion. Even if it’s not attached directly to the house, the scope for change is enormous. Some people turn them into elaborate man-caves. Others add bathroom facilities, a sauna, and gym equipment. Perhaps you’d like to use it as a garage and store your tools and vehicles in there? Wasted space that is dirty, unkempt and cluttered is unattractive to potential buyers. You don’t want it to drag down the value of your home!

Some garages are well built and can convert to a liveable annex. You may be able to install a bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and living area within the footprint of your garage. Windows and insulation may need to be installed, together with a formal front door. How will you upgrade your home?