Running a home can be expensive. Between all the different things that need paying for, the costs can quickly mount. You need furniture for each room, and you need to pay for bills. There are things like electricity, gas, water and council tax.

As a result, it makes sense to start thinking about some various ways that you can save money. There are many out there; you just have to find them.

Luckily, you are now in just the right place! Here we will suggest a number of different methods that can help you save money around the home.

Save money

Upgrade your heating, cooling and plumbing equipment

Your initial reaction to making home improvements in terms of your heating and electricity might not be a good one. You may be concerned that the cost will be too prohibitive. However, it is a good idea to consider things as a bigger picture. Thinking about the long-term may be wiser than thinking of the short-term. There are companies out there that you get contact who can fix or improve home issues of this nature, like Save Home Heat. They deal with heating, cook and plumbing systems. It could be that the one you have at the moment is actually costing you a lot of money in terms of running costs. While investing in a new system may cost you today, it could save you a significant amount in the future.

Make money

Rent out a room

This point will help you make money by putting a share of your rent onto somebody else’s shoulders.  Do you have a spare room in your house that can be turned into a guest bedroom? Or do you have a room that could be renovated, like an attic, garage or basement? If so, turning it into a bedroom allows you to rent it out. Don’t be put off by needing to invest an amount of money in order to fit it as such. You can get a second-hand bed, and if you are worried about the comfort of a cheap mattress, get a mattress topper. Other than that you will just need a place of storage, so a wardrobe or chest of drawers, and some kind of bedside table or shelf. Once you have these things in place, you can start to rent out the room. You can make improvements as you start to earn money from the room. Adding a rug and upgrading any curtain fixtures will both make the place more homely, as will a canvas or mirror on the wall. Sites like AirBnb let you rent out your room. However, be aware that they do take a cut for themselves. It may be more beneficial to get the word out there via cheap newspaper ads, or putting up signs in local stores and shops. Gumtree is also much cheaper than AirBnB, although it doesn’t have the same levels of safety regulations and protection.

Save money

Buy certain groceries, food and drinks in bulk

When we go shopping, we often only buy what we need for that week or month. However, it may be wise for you to start buying certain items in bulk. This is because when you do buy in bulk, you can save a lot of money. So, do you drink a bottle of sparkling water every couple of days? Then buy multiple packs at once. This goes for anything that you consume a lot of and believe you always will. Research good deals online, and never discount the option of ordering online. After all, online is where some of the best deals are.

Save money

Make the most of deals when you see them

This point is related to the one above, about buying certain household items in bulk. If you find fantastic deals in store, then make the most of them. Sure, it will mean that you have to spend more at that particular point. However, you will save this in the long run.

Make money

Hire out your driveway for business people

Do you live near a city or town centre where lots of people visit on a daily basis? Or near a large and busy factory, office or another workplace? Finally, do you have a driveway either in front of or behind your home that belongs to you? Perfect. You could be sat on a huge moneymaker without even realizing it. Start hiring out your driveway. People will pay good money for a safe place to park their car that is close to where they work. As long as you charge slightly less than nearby competitors, you will get interest. Incentivize people to book your driveway for their car for elongated periods of time by offering bulk booking discounts. A six-month booking could bring in hundreds! Word of mouth will also help, so keep your driveway clean and avoid complications or difficulties wherever possible.

Save money

Create your own storage solutions

Storage boxes and crates can be surprisingly expensive. Instead of splashing out, find items around the home that you can use instead. If you have an old chest of drawers that you are planning to throw away, keep hold of the drawers. Fix them to the wall and use them as floating shelves. Add a few hooks to the edges and use them to hang off.

Also, get crafty in other ways to help store things. Instead of using coat hangers, use cheap shower hooks instead. These will hang more neatly, and there will be room for more stuff. Instead of using expensive shoe racks, store your shoes in cheap, cardboard organisers. Not to forget simple command hooks, which can be attached to a variety of different places in the home.

Make money

Hire out your garden for campers

If you are using your driveway to make money, why not use your garden too? If you live in a place where there is lots of beautiful nature or scenery nearby, why not let people camp in your garden. You might live near a beach, or a forest, or a lake, for instance. People interested in outdoorsy activities will likely to be happy campers also! They bring their own tent and equipment. All you have to provide is the space, and access to a toilet! You could create extras that people can pay extra for, like a hamper of goodies when they arrive or off-street parking.

Make money

Hire out your shed or garage for storage

Finally, there is a fourth part of your home that you can hire out to people to make money. We’ve covered a spare bedroom, your driveway and your garden. How about hiring out your shed or garage for people to store items in? Storage solutions can be expensive, and there will always be other people out there like you looking for ways to save money. Be sure you vet the items being stored, however. You don’t want to be keeping any illegal items on your premises!

Save money

Plant a veggie patch

Another way that you can utilize your garden to make you money is by planting a vegetable patch. While you’re at it, how about planting a few fruit trees as well? Instead of spending money on groceries and items in store, grow you own. Many people find growing their own fruit and veg very fulfilling. It is also a great way to know exactly what you are eating. When you buy ‘fresh’ items from the store, they often contain certain chemicals and preservatives to keep them fresh. You can also use your patch to grow herbs, like fresh mint and thyme!

Save money

Learn how to DIY

There are some tasks in the home that you would be wise to get professional help for. If you have issues with plumbing, for example, trying to fix it yourself could make the issue worse. It should cause water damage. In fact, it could even be dangerous, and cause you or your family home. The same goes with electricity-related issues. If you have loose wires or plug sockets in the home, trying to fix them could be very dangerous.

However, there are many other things you can do yourself in the home. Doing so could save you time and a lot of money. So, if you’ve got a rip in a sofa cushion, don’t throw it out. Sew it up again.

Save money

Be wiser with your lighting

Because lighting in your home is small and inconspicuous, it can be pretty hard to forget about. However, your lighting solutions may be sucking up more money than you realize. Counteract this by switching to energy efficient lightbulbs. These are getting cheaper to buy, and in turn cost less money to run. As for battery or plug-powered decorative lights, switch to solar powered ones. The chances are that you only use them when it is dark anyway, so you won’t even notice the difference. Just be sure you leave the solar panel in a place where it can pick up enough light. Use solar lights in your garden also.