When it comes to house and land options in Australia, people differ.  Some decide to find a block of land first and then seek out house plans to fit.  Others fall in love with a home design and begin the search for the perfect block on prime real estate locations.  Either way reputable home build specialists can help by doing the searching on the client’s behalf.  They will:-

– Find the house- Find the land- Provide finance if necessary

House and land packages are also kept within the buyer’s budget, so no worries on that score.

A house and land package

A number of new exciting property developments have sprung up around Perth.  This is great news for new home buyers. However it can lead to confusion for people who are trying to decide where to build their new home.  Reputable firms have a large network and an excellent relationship with land developers.  This provides them with the most desirable blocks which may not always be available to individual buyers and investors.

Let’s be honest, not all blocks of land are the same, some are only suited to certain house designs.  There’s nothing worse assessing numerous plots of land only to find out the design is unsuitable.  House and land property experts can put a package together which will save buyers time and money.  Take away the stress of finding a block for a house; leave it to the professionals who can also get on with designing a dream home.

Experienced sales teams

Experienced sales teams excel in:-1. The costing and drawing plans for homes2. The building process and relevant regulations3. Professional relationships with land developers4. Providing clients with comprehensive information on buying a house and land packages

To find out more about finding a block for a house, check out house and land packages by Red Ink.  There’s also plenty of advice available regarding finance options which can be worked out by using an online loan or borrowing calculator.  Choosing a house and land package investment is a wise move.  After a consultation, experts can ascertain:-

a) Where the investor wants to buildb) The kind of investment property available within a certain budget

Then it’s time to relax while specialists get on with putting together the perfect house and land packages.

Demolish and build

There are also great rebuilding options available. This is ideal where a current house layout is starting to feel a bit restrictive.  Rebuilding offers:-

– A fresh start- A blank canvas to create a home that fits lifestyle changes

Reliable demolish and build firms can maximise all possibilities to build the perfect home.  They can also advise on how to manage the move, how to obtain council approval, finance options and any other matters relating to demolishing and rebuilding a property.  To set the wheels in motion arrange a no-obligation free chat. It’s a great opportunity to talk about rebuilding a home.