Having a family business is a great thing. You are not only generating income from your business but also carrying the legacy of you family forward. But, ensuring the physical security of a business is important and failing to do so will result in theft, damage and loss. Unlike big business houses, it isn’t possible for family business to spend millions of dollars on hi-tech security system, 24/7 armed guards. So, how will you secure your family business?

Fortunately, there are reliable security solutions that won’t cost you a bomb but will provide ample security to your premises.

Use high quality roller shutters

If statistics are to be believed, most of the break-ins happen by compromising the main gate or door. So, if you use high quality roller shutters to secure the main entrance or other important sections of your business premises, robbery attempts can be thwarted successfully. You can install high quality roller shutters Perth to secure your family business and prevent theft of goods and assets.

Set up surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are pretty cheap these days. So, this is a cost-effective security solution for your family business. In addition to preventing shop-lifting incidents, surveillance cameras will also act as a deterrent for robbers. Coupled with high quality roller shutters Perth, surveillance cameras are an effective security solution to protect family businesses.

Invest in an alarm system

If you are running a family business, chances are you live close to your business premises. So, why not add an extra layer of physical security by installing alarm systems? Like surveillance cameras, alarm systems are also very cheap. So, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket if you purchase such a system. In case of break-ins or if someone intrudes your business premises, the alarm mechanism will go off allowing you time to prevent theft and robbery. Now-a-days, alarm systems can also be programmed to call or send messages directly to your mobile phone. So, it is a very functional solution to secure your family business.

Keep a log of visitors

Most of the robberies are very well-planned which means the robbers visit the premises multiple times before carrying out the robbery. By maintaining a log of visitors, you will have an edge. Firstly, it will act as a psychological deterrent and secondly, it will be of assistance to the Police in case of any untoward incident. By maintaining logs, you will also be able to prevent small time thefts and shop-lifting incidents.

Have a night-time guard

If your budget permits you, consider having a night-time guard. Night-time guards can secure you family business compound and also alert you and the Police in case of suspicious incidents. Place with night-time guards are less likely to be target of robbers and petty thieves as small time thieves look for easy targets.