When it comes to gardens, we practically live in them during the summer months! But what about when the weather cools off in the winter? How can we make our wonderful gardens useable even then? Then are certainly ways to do exactly this- you just have to know how!

One idea is to build a sheltered patio; another is to build a summerhouse, or log cabin. Both of these options allows you to be in the garden without actually being exposed. Another option of this nature is a balcony which overlooks your outdoor space. Alternatively, back down on the ground, how about making your swimming pool usable all year round by heating it? Read on for more on each of these suggestions…

Build a patio

Whether you want a detached or attached patio, it is certainly worth building one. They give you a dedicated space to sit in your garden. Go for one that has a cover, and you can continue using it right through the year. These patio designs by Great Aussie Patios will give you some initial inspiration. Compare each to the space you have available, and decide which you think will fit the best. Hire professionals to come and install it for an efficient and smart job. Doing it yourself could take you months, and if you get anything wrong? Disaster!

Heat your pool

If you have a pool that you use loads when it’s warm but not at all in the winter? Then have it heated? There are a few options that allow you to do this, a couple of which don’t have to break the bank! That way you can continue to use your pool for socializing, exercising or just relaxing at any time of the year! Be energy efficient and environmentally friendly by using solar panels! Insulating and sheltering the pool will also help it retain the heat it has.

Construct a summer house

Summer houses might have the word summer in the name, but the idea should be that you create something suitable for all seasons! When constructing it, be prepared to invest in a few worthwhile extras. While you won’t necessarily use these when it’s hot and sunny, their inclusion will mean usage in winter is possible. So, be sure to insulate the walls, and also install electricity points. Not only will these allow you to have lighting and music inside, but you can also pop a heating system in their when it’s cold!

Add a balcony to your home

How about building a balcony on your home that overlooks your garden. This gives you yet another way to enjoy your outdoor space! You can also use your balcony to grow plants and flowers. This will make it blend more seamlessly with the garden below. Glass balconies look brilliant, as there is nothing to block your view. Balconies are not just great to make more use of your outdoor space or garden. They are also fantastic for adding value to your property. If you do come to sell in the future, the balcony could even be the thing that seals the deal for a viewer!