Over time homes can become cluttered with all manner of unwanted items, and fall into disrepair through lack of maintenance. It is important to regularly clean and maintain the house so that it doesn’t become messy. This guide contains some of the warning signs that it could be time for a clear out.

Blocked Hallways

Hallways should be kept clear so that people can move easily around the house. Clutter in the hallways can also be a health hazard for young children, who might hurt themselves by running into objects left in the hall. To prevent accidents from happening, move things like boxes and bikes into the garage out of harm’s way. Cluttered hallways can also be dangerous in the event of a fire because people may be prevented from escaping.  If there is simply not enough space in the garage or shed, then find a company which offers waste management in Perth.

Clear hallways are also a welcome sight for any guests who might come to visit.

Overgrown Garden

Gardens can become overgrown and infested with weeds if they are not looked after properly. There are several ways to make sure that the garden is kept in good order. Pull up weeds regularly to stop the roots spreading and causing damage to the rest of the garden. Remove dead leaves from the lawn, and hire a tree surgeon to cut down any dead trees.

Sorting out the garden will mean that it becomes a nicer place to spend some time in when the weather is good. Having a well-kept garden will also attract lots of interesting wildlife to make the garden their home.

Overflowing Attic

The attic usually becomes a dumping ground for all kinds of unwanted items. Sometimes the attic becomes so full that it is impossible to find anything or add more items for storage. This means that it is time to stop hanging onto items and have a thorough clear out. Consider professional waste management by West Bin to take care of the situation. Having a clear attic means that the room can be turned into a useful space such as a study or games room.

Shabby Carpets

Carpets can become extremely worn and stained over time. This can make rooms look uninviting and unloved. Install brand new carpets to give rooms a cost-effective and quick makeover. This will be easier than giving rooms a full transformation. Keep carpets looking fresh by cleaning them regularly with carpet shampoo. Avoid crumbs and spillages by only eating and drinking in the kitchen.

Faded Paintwork

Along with carpets, paintwork can become faded or marked over time. It is a good idea to repaint rooms at least once a year and to hire a plasterer to deal with any cracks in the wall. Again, this is a cost-effective way to make rooms look instantly cleaner and more appealing.

As this guide has shown, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to clean up the home. Why not get started today?