While we all want a gorgeous garden, something that we actually need is a versatile garden. Having one allows for much greater and more regular use of this precious piece of outdoor space. Versatile gardens mean that you can use them winter, spring, summer or fall. When it is raining, or during a heatwave. When you have children visiting, friends socializing, or the elderly relaxing.

With this in mind, let’s consider a few ways that you can make your space more versatile.

A Hidden Swimming Pool

Not many people know that these exist outside of sci-fi movies and doctored Pinterest images, but they really do. A number of companies right across the world have developed, and are now selling and installing, hidden swimming pools. The concept is simple. The swimming pool is built and installed in such a way that with the flick of a switch, it sinks deeper into the ground. Once it is away, the space where it used to be is then covered by a patio or even faux grass. While an expensive option, installing a swimming pool like this gives you incredible versatility. After all, while pools can be fun for adults, they can be hazardous to the elderly and children. This solution allows you to get two entirely different types of usage out of just one area of your garden.

Retractable Shade Options

One thing you cannot control in your garden or outdoor space is the weather. However, what you can control is how you deal with it. A rather more affordable option for your garden is the installation of retractable awnings or roof systems. When it’s pleasantly hot and sunny, you put it away. Or, if you want to stay cooler and protect from harmful rays, you put it out. Similarly, in the winter months, you can either utilize it or not. Because it’s retractable, it doesn’t take up hardly any space when not in use. This is ideal if you have a small garden and not a lot of room. It is also an appealing option if you want to make your garden as attractive as possible. Being able to pop it away keeps everything neat and tidy. Plus it means it stays clean during rain, snow or sleet.

Create An Extra Living Space

Finally, a versatile garden is also about what additional features you put in it. If you have extra space to spare, how about installing an outdoor structure. First off, it gives you more space for living, working or socializing. Secondly, it could actually add significant value to your home if you ever come to sell. And, third, of course, it makes your garden more versatile. If you work from home, how about working from a home office in the garden instead? It will be more peaceful and provides segregation from home. Or, you could treat teenagers to some privacy in their own den! Finally, you could make it into a room that you can use for socializing in when you have friends over in the cooler months.