Choosing the right kind of container storage in Perth is important. Whether moving house or just looking to create extra space, a good storage unit is extremely useful. Before choosing a storage unit, it is best to shop around. This will make it easy to weigh up the pros and cons of each storage company before making the final decision. Several factors need to be taken into careful consideration – this guide includes five things to consider when choosing a storage unit.


The first consideration when choosing a storage unit is cost. Some companies will operate on a month-to-month payment basis whilst others will insist on longer terms payments. Compare the cost of each storage company and then match these prices to the monthly budget. Whilst it may be tempting to choose a storage company with the lowest rates, this can be a sign that the company lacks adequate or secure facilities. Make sure to ask any friends and family for recommendations, because they may have used a quality storage company in the past. These recommendations can be an invaluable way to find a good storage company.


The size of the container is important and needs to be considered carefully. A smaller container may be suitable for people with only a few large items to store, whilst people with lots of items will be suited to a larger storage unit. Don’t hire containers which are too large and don’t try to cram lots of items into a small storage space. It is important to choose the right-sized container because otherwise, this could waste money.


It is important that storage units are secure. Protecting customer belongings should be the first consideration of any reputable storage company. Make sure to check the storage units for any sign of damage such as broken locks or rust. It is important that storage units are maintained to be in full working order at all times. Ask the storage company how many security staff they hire to look after the site. Also, check that the company has a fully functioning security system including alarms and CCTV.

Ease Of Access

Ease of access will be more of a concern for some people than it is for others. If certain items in storage may be needed in the near future, it might be a good idea to choose a location which is centrally located. Storage units which are further out of town will have lower overheads, so may be cheaper to rent. These units are suitable for people who won’t need to collect their items for a while.

Special Offers

Some storage companies will have special offers for customers who sign up for long-term contracts. Signing into a six-month or yearly contract can help to save money.

Thinking of hiring storage space? Follow this guide for the most important considerations.