The terms ‘idyllic’ and ‘functionable’ don’t tend to be seen in the same sentence as each other all that often. While the first is all about aesthetic, visual appeal and the feel of something? The second is it’s far more sensible long-lost cousin, who is all about usability!

However, when it comes to a home’s garden or outdoor space, these two words can totally be seen together? Why? Because there are a whole range of garden features that can make your outdoor space both feel and look idyllic and functional. Let’s take a look at what three of these are!

BBQ Area

A garden feature so that you can eat outside

We Australians love our BBQs, so why wouldn’t we want to be able to have one right outside our house? A BBQ area can be designed in such a way to make it the main feature of the garden, and an attractive one at that! Even just surrounding yours with an attractive table and chairs set can make a difference. The BBQ will look after your food, but what about your drink? A portable fridge can keep cans and alcohol cool, but get your water from a water tank. Have a compact, poly one delivered from the likes of The Water Tank Factory. Or, go for a bigger one that can also double as fresh water for other tasks in the garden.

Different Levels

A garden feature to add a hint of intrigue

Do you think that your garden is a little boring at the moment? Maybe you’ve got tired of what is already there. Maybe you think it’s time for a fresh look and something new? Well, here is a garden feature that often gets overlooked in favour or more glamorous additions. Swimming pools and jacuzzis, we’re looking at you! Simply adding some levels to your garden can add a hint of intrigue. In fact, it can completely change the look of a garden! Even just splitting your garden into two levels can make a big impact on the look. You can use the top one for a seating area that looks down onto the bottom one!

A Patio And Retractable Awning

A garden feature so that you can relax outside

We have some of the best weather in the world, for sure. But we also know that in many areas, the weather can be more than a little miserable in the winter! However, even when this happens, you still want to be able to use your garden. After all, what is the point in working hard on it all year, only for it to be deserted in the winter? This is why installing a patio is such a good idea. The harder surface means that you can sit out in your garden even if the grass is damp or wet. At the same time, have a retractable awning installed overhead. Retractable ones give you the best of both worlds. They provide cover when it’s raining or windy, and shade when it’s very hot. But they can also be put right out of the way when summer rolls around again next year!