When you decide to renovate a property, there are plenty of aspects that are going to keep you busy. Much of what you’ll be overhauling is obvious because it’s so big. Never mind finishing the job, you know you’re not even going to start without bearing in mind the walls, carpets and furniture. The curtains, appliances and doors will have to be done too.

But when you’re planning and budgeting a home renewal there are some spots that are easy to forget. Keeping those in mind is important, not least because some of them will need to be done before other larger parts of the job. They needn’t cost the earth, but it is important to know how much needs to be done, and if you can do it yourself. All of this will have an impact on the eventual budget.

Light Switches

If you go for a new look in the house, remember that the light switches are part of the wall that everyone will see. If you’ve brought the walls up to date with fancier wallpaper or a pricey new paint job, the same old switches can stand out a mile. While you don’t need to get too ornate, a fancier new look can be fun – just check that they’re compatible with your supply.

Skirting Boards

For a lot of people the skirting boards in their home only become of interest when they’re damaged or getting in the way. But bringing them up to date can give the house a more definitively “finished” look. Take the time to get them right, hiring someone for the job if needed. This is not something you want to have to keep redoing, so sometimes a professional will save you money.


The parts of the house that are on the outside are bits that often get ignored when it comes to a renovation. We might spruce up the garden a little, may even paint the front door, but bringing the porch up to date is also important. A clean, stylish porch with fresh paint instantly gives a home more curb appeal, which is more and more important these days.

Storage Spaces

Storage spaces are for function, primarily. As such when we are doing a home anew they often get missed. However they really do need to be looked after just the same – not least from a point of view of cleanliness. By making sure that they are freshly painted, any plaster is brought up to date and so on, you can be confident of storing things in there. You won’t need to worry about rot or mold presenting a problem in future.

Updating a home can often seem like a big undertaking, and adding work before you begin may seem like an over complication. But by doing the little bits that often get forgotten, you integrate them into the job. Without doing this, you can find yourself going back to the little bits later on, and causing mess that needs to be rectified on the main work. Overall, doing it this way saves time and money.