Every year, 2 million home burglaries are reported in the US. 30% of reported burglaries have been found to occur as a result of an open or unlocked window or door. Furthermore, 66% of all reported burglaries have occurred in homes. These statistics are truly shocking even when you get to learn that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds in the US.

As a home owner, it’s time to take the security of your family and that of your property very seriously. Thanks to technology, there are security devices which can be implemented in order to ensure burglars do not break in.

The one thing you need to know is that burglars will not break into a home that forces them to use much effort in order to bypass the security measures set in place. So, what security measures can you implement in and around your home to prevent break ins?

Install intruder alarm systems

Alarm systems have come a long way and thanks to innovation, they are compact and highly secure. As a home owner, investing in intruder alarm systems gives you peace of mind. An intruder alarm system comes as a complete kit. You will find a keypad that controls the entire system, sensors which can be placed on windows and door seams.

Sirens can also be part of the alarm system and this gets installed on the rooftop and acts as a warning system to neighbors that your home maybe under attack. This is very useful especially when you are away for vacation.

You need to find a reputable security company that will install for you the alarm system. Once installed, you need to come up with a pass code that only your family members know. Do not share it with others outside of your family unit.

Invest in CCTV systems

When the first CCTV systems hit the market, they were analog. They were only able to capture images in black and white. Their compression technology was not great. It became very difficult to identify intruders or burglars who attempted to break into a home. This was attributed to poor picture quality that was black and white.

Today, CCTV systems have improved and you will find HD capable cameras that are able to record even in the dark thanks to infrared technology. They have been fitted with zoom capable lens which can focus on a particular spot to provide a clear view. With networking accessories and the internet, home owners can be able to monitor their home even when at the office or vacation. Mobile apps and secure web platforms make this possible.

Fire prevention and detection systems

Let’s face it; home owners have invested a lot in order to own their property. Majority have financed their homes with mortgages which they are probably paying up to now. Even if one paid cash for their home, it is still dear to them.

Accidents do happen especially when it comes to electrical and gas powered appliances. Fire is known to be a great tool but a bad master. With fire prevention and detection systems, home owners can prevent their homes from being razed down.

When it comes to fire prevention and detection systems, one can invest in sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and even fire exit procedures. They will detect any fire early, sound the alarm and warn the occupants of the impending doom.

Physical access systems

Today, there are many electronic solutions which are compatible with access control systems. There are half and full height physical access systems that include turnstiles and security steel doors. Sensors and high security interlocks can be incorporated. Home owners can have access to their homes using identification media. This not only prevents unauthorized people from accessing the home but it helps to optimize the flow of people.

Today, home owners can access and prevent access to different parts of the house by using a smart watch or a smartphone app. Sensors can be positioned at the doors, windows and the garage. In case a break-in occurs, the home owner will receive a notification.

Final Thoughts

According to statistics, 95% of break-ins have been found to require some amount of effort thanks to security systems in place. Burglars are known to prefer easy access to the home via unlocked doors and windows. According to home security statistics, burglars use simple tools like screw driver, pliers, pries bars and small hammers. What do they look for? Laptops, jewelry, digital cameras, small electronics and cash among others.

With security systems like a CCTV system, intruder alarm systems, fire prevention and detection systems plus physical access systems, your home will be well protected. Alarm systems and a CCTV system provides remote monitoring capability when at the office or on vacation. Fire prevention and detection systems help to warn occupants early enough. This allows for early preparation for the occupants to escape and gather outside.

So, why let your home be burglarized while you can protect your property and family with security systems. Invest in the best and be protected.