If you have just moved to a new apartment or simply redecorating your old one, there’s a whole list of things you should do. Especially when trying to freshen up your place, bring in something new and get rid of that old look, you have to be extra creative and really put your mind to work. What will you do, what will you change and what should you purchase? To help you answer all these questions, here is a list of things which you should do in order to freshen up the place.

Lighten things up

Every living space deserves a change once in a while. If you are redecorating yours, consider lightening it up by changing the color of the walls for starters. If you used to have a dark tone, switch to a different one that will lighten the room. Cream, white and shades of yellow are great colors for a fresh change. Also, add a few additional lights around the house. Lamps can be places on your coffee table, night stand, near the stairway or even in the living room. No house can have too many lights.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Some people found out that by adding a few extra mirrors inside your house, you can actually make the place look bigger and airier. The trick is in making the light bounce around the room, which makes it feel lighter and bigger. Mirrors come in different sizes and design, so consider those that fit in your style. Make sure you place a few opposite the window for maximum light-bounce effect.

Replace or renew the furniture

It is about time you replaced your furniture set with a new one. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it, but look for great deals that will allow you to purchase several things at once, with a discounted price. We’re talking about chairs, coffee table, couch and sofa, kitchen table and maybe even your bed. All of these will eventually require a replacement, so it’s better to do it all at once if you have a deep enough wallet. Ensure that they match your new style. Smaller furniture can make your place look bigger, and vice versa.

Get a new rug

Rugs are a great addition to almost any room in the house. They complement the house with an additional taste of fashion, style and luxury, as well as a touch of freshness. Rugs vary in size, color, texture and shape, and depending on your room, its size and style and your personal liking, you can choose a rug that will fit perfectly. There are plenty of cheap modern rugs which you could purchase at your local carpet store or online. Don’t miss the auctions, they’re a great way to save a lot of money and still get a rare and awesome rug.

Change the curtains

Even though it might not sound like a big deal, curtains do give a strong sense of character to your apartment. If they are grey and transparent, it might feel like there’s a 50-year-old in the house, which is not a bad thing if you are an elderly person. But, if you are a young person with even younger family members, stick with something classy and colorful. Curtains are pretty cheap, but add a great value and style to your home.

Additional things which you may consider are adding more flowers, changing wallpapers, removing the clutter and changing your welcome mat. You don’t have to change everything, but since you’re redecorating, might as well change most of them. Bring out something new, inspiring and creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment.