Whether you actually live at the coast or simply want to create a beach house feel, there are lots of things you can do with interior spaces to get the look. Your choice of color scheme will make a difference – white teemed with navy are particularly popular. Also your use of patterns will get your décor noticed – stripes are often a recurring nautical theme. It’s very important not to forget window openings and there are some stunning solutions using shutters and blinds that will really complete a beach house style makeover. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


The great thing about shutters is they succeed in giving your home a lovely, uncluttered feel, revealing the clean lines of your windows. When it comes to color there’s a stunning range of choice these days – for example aquamarine is derived from the original Latin word ‘seawater’, so is very appropriate, and will complement the other materials you may be using in your décor, such as pale shades on walls and wooden floors. Choose from the following styles:

* Full height shutters cover the entire window and open as a single unit. This is a simple and clean look and a classic American choice.

* Café style shutters cover the lower part of your windows giving you plenty of chances for blue sky gazing while still maintaining your privacy.

* Tier on tier shutters give you the best of both worlds. They cover your whole window yet allow you to open up sections, both top and bottom, to maximize the light as you choose.

* Solid shutters are ideal if privacy is a major consideration and you can choose either fully solid panels or partially solid.

* Blinds to fit special shapes are a godsend if your home has a lot of character, including interesting but perhaps awkward windows, say, with arches or in the shape of portholes.


Blinds come in a range of styles and materials so you can choose what suits your particular home décor.

* Natural materials, such as bamboo or wood, fit well with the beach home image. Wood blinds are generally of the Venetian type, with slats that can be tilted to control the light.

* Bamboo varieties are very versatile, and you will find these can be made up as roller blinds and in the Roman style, as can woven wood blinds.

* To get the best effect of both wood and bamboo blinds, aim for a pale, stylish color that reminds you of warm sands.

* Fabric blinds can also be effective in blonde colors, however, if this is your personal choice you may want to make a pointed nautical splash by using some French navy and white striped patterns. Or in a child’s bedroom perhaps you’d prefer themes that include images incorporating seashells, anchors and seabirds, and perhaps treasure chests.

If your basic interior décor is neutral, then there are many opportunities to dress up your beach house home in bright and breezy ways.