Season of spring is considered to be the best one for cleaning purposes. This is the reason why a lot of people hire cleaning services during the spring season. However, it is not always necessary to go for the professional services. Unless you are very busy, you can perform the cleaning work by your own. There are many things that require cleaning during the spring days, and the aluminium louvers are one of them.

Essential Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Aluminium Louvers

When spring arrives, it turns out to be essential to clean the louvers. There are some tips that can make the cleaning process easier and much more efficient. With proper maintenance of the aluminium made louvers, you can enhance their longevity and save some money for your wallet. First, let us talk about the maintenance part.

With the passage of time, the powder coatings on the louvers tend to wear off due to the harsh elements of weather. This is the reason why the glossy effect of the louvers is lost over a period of time. In addition, slight change in colour is also one of the signs of the fact that the aluminium louver is getting damaged. So, you can follow the below mentioned tips in order to keep the louver in proper condition.

You should never allow grime, salt or dirt to build up on the powder coating.
When washing the louver, always use warm water; do not make use of abrasive detergent, and use soft cloth only.
In normal conditions, it is enough to clean an aluminium louver twice a year. But, in coastal regions or in industrial environments, it is better to clean at least thrice a year.
It is important to pay heed to the cleaning of crevices and surfaces of the louver.

Now, let us talk about the maintenance of hardware and components. Most of the components are made from aluminium and hence the chances of rust will not bother you in this case. Nevertheless, the coating applied over the aluminium metal certainly protects the metal from corrosion. Hence, if the components are not maintained properly then the overall strength of the structure will surely get affected. In this case also, you need to clean the components with warm water, along with non-abrasive detergent having neutral pH value.

More attention should be given to the cleaning of brackets, pivots and carriers. In the market, you can find corrosion prevention solution, and by spraying that solution you can keep the aluminium louver in the right condition. The maintenance of tracks is also quite important. You can follow the below mentioned tips in this regard:

* Food grade silicon can be purchased from the market; you can buy some and spray it on the tracks, particularly on the inner lips.
When spraying silicon based lubricant on the tracks, it is important to ensure the lubricant has been distributed evenly all through the track.
Apart from the silicon based lubricant, you should also apply extra lubricant around carriers.

By keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips for cleaning and maintenance of aluminium louvers, you can increase the longevity of the whole structure, and you will not have to spend again and again on the beautification of your home.

Apart from cleaning the louvers by your own, you can also seek professional services. During the spring season, a lot of service providers offer discounts on their packages. So, you can contact some of them and choose the best one among them.