Like most people, I love wrapping gifts to put under the tree, and the bigger the better.  There’s nothing more festive than waking up Christmas morning to a huge pile of beautifully wrapped gifts.  My sister has a real flair for making packages stand out.  In the past, she’s used extra touches like baby shoes, newspaper, fishing lures, and one year, she even found a way to wrap a big box with a string of lights. Inside were tickets to Las Vegas for Mom and Dad, that was one of the best yet.  Another thing we love about the holidays takes place when all the aunts, uncles and cousins show up so we can each open one present at midnight. Then we sing some carols, drink chocolate, or something stronger before heading off to bed.  Where ever that may be.

As the family has grown, we’ve actually had to double up on air mattresses and sleeping bags and blankets to make room for everybody.  But that’s all part of the fun. That’s why this year there will be some really big boxes under the tree, and they’ll be filled with blankets and comforter sets I bought on the Groupon site.  I’ve been a fan of Groupon for years.  They have incredible savings of up to 80% right now on holiday items for everyone on your list.  I’m saving so much on beds-in-bags, down comforters, block colors, and those cute little mermaid blankets that our tree is going to have some really big boxes underneath this year.  I can’t wait to see the look on the faces of my little cousins when they see their personalized blankets. And we got picture pillows so we all know where we bed down.  It’s been a blast planning for Christmas this year.  The only downside is that my favorite Aunt Ruth won’t be part of the fun, but we’ll remember her fondly when we light the candles at midnight, that signify the loved ones we’ve lost in the previous year.

If you have shopping to do, you don’t have to brave the crowds in the cold at midnight, or spring from your Thanksgiving dinner table to hit the deals at 6pm. Take your time and shop online with Groupon.