The way granny flats were used to be seen is not changing, and they are no longer an accommodation made just for elderly people. Granny flats designed thoughtfully can make for pool houses, guests stay, offices and studios for young people. With future of housebuilding getting mature and brighter, having customized granny flats designs is growing in demand.

Granny Flats

They are economically affordable and come with a lot of design options. This indicates that the magic of granny flat structures is here to stay and survive for longer. They offer incredible convenience to design, redesign and rebuild as per your taste and choice.

Granny Flats

Here we have gathered some of coolest granny flats trend that are most sought after among modern homeowners. Take a good look:

#1. A Streak of Entertainment

With excellent granny flats designs made with a consideration of entertaining guests and habitants, you can create a personal heaven inside your dwelling.  Whether it is adults or kids, everybody can enjoy the outdoor space. You can organize an evening barbecue or throw a small party or relax with a cup of a morning coffee under mild sunlight. More elements of amusement you add, more you are going to get added value for your granny flats at the time of renting or selling it out. A great granny flats designs specialist can think of customizing such fun parts intelligently so that you can get the best out of the entire space.

#2. Living Area

The placement, shape and size of the living room that is going to be of significant role is different to what you usually find in normal dwelling. A proper care and consideration goes into building perfect granny flats designs with warm living room atmosphere. Using bi-fold doors, you can open the living space to backyard or patio so that proper lighting is ensured. If you live in cold climate, you can build a stone fireplace to relish the warmth in the lounge area.

#3. Contemporary Style

This kind of granny flats designs have simplistic approach with large focus on functionality and aesthetics as well. It is easy to adapt and can be redesigned without much hassle to meet your expectations. Edgy furniture and white walls done with some artistic details, you can truly transform the granny flat into something looking exceptionally elegant and stylish. Creative lighting work will boost further the charm and enhance its attractiveness and illuminate the space in style. More light you shed inside, larger the flat will reflect.

Granny Flat

#4. Nautical Avatar

Shades of blue will appeal to those who yearn for a little of wild adventures and novelty. This kind of design is pleasantly challenging, so if you think this is your cup of tea, Nautical avatar of granny flats designs can be worthy an attempt. You can try integrating several colors like cream and light brown in order to enhance the limited space. Wooden furniture and floorboards as accent boards to boost and support the background look. To give it an appearance of sea, implement rope, nets, and seashells and even fish.

#5. Bohemian Design

If you are fond of boldness and bohemian style trying to enjoy more of unconventional elements, you can splash warm but bright and lively colors. Using pert patterns and playful textures, you can bring the amazing place alive. Mix the whole idea with indoor plants, dimmers, well-crafted lamps and you can further go to soften it. Or if colors are getting in your way too much, you can put it on lighter side and include furniture pieces based on nature.

#6. Open Plan Approach

Open space design is all the rage in granny flats designs market, and is also thought to be a modish and modern trend. Open plan living keeps kitchen, living space and dining area open so that homeowners who are fond of entertainment can grab the best and most. You can discuss your open plan strategy with a reputed granny flat builder so that they can recommend certain implementations that can boost the overall value of the house and attract young folks.