With the availability of new advanced technology, even carpenters or woodworkers should try to adapt them. They are not just designed to operate on electricity but to help you out with your work and increase your working efficiency to double. Those old tools that had to be used so carefully and used to leave a scar every day are now almost extinct.

Let’s leave the traditional tools and grab new power tools with your wood router.

1. Power  Driver or Driller

It is the top bought tool in the market.  Everyone requires a power driller to drill a hole into the wall. Whenever you need to hang photos, mirrors, artifacts, mirrors, frames or any appliances, you need a nail on which you hang. With a power drill, you can drill a hole in the wall and then fix the nail with a stud into a hole to make the bond strong. Not everyone carries a cordless driller, but it can come very handy.

2. Power Sander

While woodworking, you require sandpaper and a sanding block for smoothening and sanding the areas of the parts. When areas are smaller, sandpaper will do the work but with the larger plunks it gets very tedious and time-consuming job. Also, after completing the sanding, you have to collect the waste and clean the dust from the ground. 

At such times, power sander comes very handily. It comes with a bag that sucks all the dust and possible wastes. Also, ease and faster your job of sanding the larger areas such as a bed or a table. You would surely want to add this powerful tool to your toolbox with your wood router.

3. Rotary Tool

A rotary tool comes with lots of accessories and attachments that is strictly needed while woodworking. The rotary tool gives you an option of sanding, polishing, grinding, cutting and much more with the help of accessories it comes with. It is an all-in-one package.

It is usually used for making all smaller repairs in the house. If you are just a beginner and need to finish a small job, then buy this power tool instead of those bigger and heavy ones.   

4. Cordless Power Screwdriver

No ends can be connected without driving a screw between them. Obviously, when you don’t want to glue them, you will need to screw them.  Cordless power screwdriver can drill any size of screws into its place. It is the perfect tool for doing heavy works.

If you are buying to use it in your house, a perfect thing because you can easily store them even in your kitchen’s drawer. It can be used for loosening and tightening the screw and bolts with you putting any effort in it. It comes with different sized nibs; change it according to your screw’s size.  

5. Jigsaw

It is very important to get a straight cut. You imagine how an uneven table would look? Yes, it would look totally unpleasing to eyes and will also be not able to carry heavy weights because of not having correct size and shape of legs. A jigsaw guides you in cutting perfect shapes, curves and straight cuts. Jigsaw will increase your accuracy and speed.

Don’t resist, go and buy the power tools today itself. Don’t let your wood router stay alone in your toolbox. It’s time to say bye-bye to your traditional tools and bring in power tools to ease your work, bring accuracy and speed it up.

Bio: Victor is a founder of Victorcrafter.com . He believes that money can be saved more if people will consider understanding different DIY procedures. To lessen wood stashes, he focuses in building furniture and other wooden things which can also help people earn a living.