Scratches on the wood? Never fear, here are techniques to help you get rid of them.



For deeper scratches that are more like dents, cut or shave crayon pieces and place them in a small bowl. Use a mix of crayon colors that will match your hardwood flooring.  Place the pan in boiling water to melt the wax. Use the wax to fill the gaps in the wood. Let the wax dry and buff off with a piece of steel wool. You can wipe over the area with a soft cloth after the wax has dried.

Mineral Spirits

You can use Mineral Spirits to bring your wood back to life and repair deeper scratches. Moisten a cloth with a generous amount of Mineral Spirits and wipe over the affected area. Let the substance sink into the wood for a couple of seconds. Wipe away with a dry cloth. After, you can re-apply the polyurethane finish. If your wood has been finished with a substance other than polyurethane, consult a professional and ask them what your best options are. You’ll want to provide the scratch with the same type of finish that was applied beforehand because finishes can change the color of the wood.


Wood Stain Marker

For scratches that don’t penetrate far past the top layer of coating, you can use a wood stain marker to disguise the mark. You can find wood stain markers at your nearest home supply or hardware store. Make certain you choose a color that exactly matches your floor. A great thing about wood stain markers is that most are all purpose- you can also use them on cabinets, drawers, or anywhere else the finishing has been scratched. Most markers are quick-dry and easy-to-use. Make sure to read the directions on the pen for specific directions.

Olive Oil and Vinegar

If you would like to remove shallow scratches the natural way, you try a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. Mix a proportionate mixture of the two substances, (i.e., 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of olive oil). Use a soft cloth to rub the mixture on the scratches. Wipe gently.  After the solution touches wood, you should see the scratches fade almost immediately.


Rub the walnut on the affected wood.  You should instantly see the scratches lighten or disappear. After, rub the natural oils into the scratch. Wait a couple of seconds and buff with a microfiber cloth or soft rag.

Don’t let a couple of scratches rain on your parade. They can be easily fixed with the right materials and a little bit of free time. To keep scratches from happening, remember you can lay a carpet over high trafficked areas. You can leave your shoes by the door and make rules to preserve the floor for children and guests. If damage increases over time, or if you have more scratches than you’d like to admit, call a professional and ask what your best possible options.