Windows are the major sources of house ventilation that allow the flow of air keeping the interior of the house cool and fresh. Generally, while hearing the name window, we think of two to four wooden openings that are opened on one side. But in the present days the concept of windows has changed considerably and windows have underwent major structural transformations and are of various types among which the shutter based windows have several benefits. But don’t think that an electric current pass through the electric window shutters.

The electric based window shutters can be remotely controlled without the help of any person and can be opened and closed automatically. Life which the modern youngsters are living has been made quite easy and comfortable through different boons of science. Window shutters act like a shade and have several benefits.

What Changes can be Brought while Installing Electric Window Shutters?

Are you confused that only electric window shutters can add aesthetic value to your house and not the traditional ones? For your information window shades are available in different types each comprising of its own pros and cons. Before you select any type of window covering, do go through its merits and demerits and also check out which would be a better option considering the location of the window in your house.

Pros of the Shutters

  • Increases the resale value of your house. If you are planning for the house resale, install the electric window shutters. As it is composed of the modern features of electrically controlled opening and closing, it would readily increase the value of your house. No matter whether you are shifting to another house or purchasing a new one, you will be able to sell your house in an appealing price if you  install the modern shutters.
  • Durable: this is yet another factor why most of the people prefer the window shutters. The durability factor greatly safeguards the house from any forms of burglary. Moreover, it contains hi-tech locking  system that is quite hard to break.
  • Easy to maintain: as compared to other window covering options, electric window shutters are quite easy to clean and maintain. Soft and Swiffer duster is required for instant cleaning. You need not incur any extra expense on its furnishing and fixture.

Cons of the Electric Window Shutters

  • A bit costly to install: as compared to other window coverings, electric window shutters are costly to install. As it is composed of several modern features, it consequently becomes expensive.
  • Hampers the functionality of tilt in windows: this is the most undesirable factor of the window shutters. It highly affects the functionality of the tilt in windows if it is not structured well. Though you prefer the window shutters combined with the benefits of tilt in windows, appropriate mounting should be constructed.
  • Better breeding place for termites: most of the electric window shutters are made up of wood which is  degraded over time due to growth of termites in the region. Mostly, when it faces the exterior of the building, such consequences take place.

The normal roller shutters too can be converted into the electric shutters but it greatly depends upon the expertise and experience of contractors whom you choose. In many cases, the clients do not look at the alternative options and approach the expensive shutter replacement. Climate sensors are even installed in the shutters which are resistant to harsh weather conditions and do not get easily damaged due to the changes in the climatic conditions.