If you have a garage, you know how important it is to have a garage door that functions well. It is helpful not only in making exit and entry smooth, but also in ensuring the safety of your vehicles parked inside. Whether your garage door has stopped functioning all of a sudden or it has worn out over several years of usage, here are a few things that you need to know about garage door repairs.

Common Problems that Call for Garage Door Repairs

You need to call professionals if you encounter any of the following problems while operating your garage door:

  • If your garage door has become heavy: If your garage door uses lift mechanism to open and close, then it must be having springs for operation. These springs wind and unwind to let your door open or close. If your garage door seems heavy during operation, then chances are that its springs have worn out and they cannot bear your door’s weight now. If you don’t get them repaired now, they may snap any moment and make the situation worse for you. A worn out spring is easy to replace if done in time.
  • If your garage door has lost balance: Close your garage door halfway and see if it looks lower on one side and higher on the other. If yes, then this is a sign that your door has lost balance. It indicates that the lifting mechanism of your garage door has worn out, maybe on one side only. Professionals having expertise in garage door repairs can come to your place and check if only one spring needs replacement or both. Once they replace the springs, the door will start moving evenly.
  • If your garage door has stopped working: If your garage door has stopped working all of a sudden, the first thing you need to check is the remote batteries. Sometimes, replacing the batteries is all that is needed. If that does not resolve the situation, it is time to call the professionals. They will inspect and diagnose the problem and carry out the required garage door repairs.
  • If a door panel is damaged: If a panel of your garage door is physically damaged, then have it repaired immediately before it goes beyond repair. Most of the times, they will try to fix the panel that is damaged. If it cannot be repaired, they may decide to replace the panel. Generally, only the damaged panel needs repair or replacement, while other panels are allowed to remain intact.

All these are the situations that call for professional garage door repairs. However, there are times when the damage is beyond repair and the professionals may suggest that you replace the door altogether. You may need this if your garage door is too damaged or too old for repair or if you have already had it repaired several times and it keeps facing problems every now and then. If this is the case, it is better to have it replaced rather than spending money on frequent repairs.

There Are Several Things That Professionals Can Repair In Your Garage Door, Including:

  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Hinges
  • Cables
  • Weather seals
  • Track adjustment
  • Track replacement
  • Garage door openers, etc.

Now that you know when to call for professional garage door repairs, make sure that the service providers you are choosing are experts and experienced in their field. They will identify the problem with your garage door and fix it quickly, thus saving you time and money.