Home utilities may be just a fact of life for you. You may have this impression that these are just things that are already there—existing to make your life much easier and more comfortable. But what you may not realize is your household already incurring high energy costs in ways that you have not considered.

Of course, you might have complained every time you receive the monthly bills because of high energy costs, but you settle it anyway. This time, you should not just settle it; you should know why your energy costs are constantly high. A thorough check-up of your home can do a lot of wonders.

When you have found out the things that cause your bills to skyrocket, that will only be the time you will be able to come up with solutions. Here are some of the things you need to consider to lower your energy bills every month.

Tip #1: Go tankless with a water heater

Your water heater may be with your home for more than 10 years or so, and it proves to be useful. However, that is not always the case. Such tanks and containers are already inefficient, meaning they consume more electricity. The rust and other items in it may even cause it to work double of its capacity. It is time to go tankless. Thankfully, there are many providers of tankless water heaters in Utah.

Tip #2: Revamp your insulation

Heat is among the constant factors that can affect electricity and energy bills. This is why you need to regulate it properly. When your home is too hot, your appliances will be forced to double their work, thus consuming more energy than usual.

One of the best ways to control heat is by installing the right insulation system. You should install it in your attic, basement and between the walls. It also pays that you caulk and close the cracks to keep heat and cold from coming in and out. Do not forget your roof.

Tip #3: Choose energy-efficient appliances

You may have a TV or a refrigerator that has been working for 20 plus years. While you think that it is practical to keep them, your energy bills will say otherwise. These old appliances are inefficient—in short, their outdated design consumes more energy, meaning you will have higher energy bills. It is time to ditch them for newer appliances and units designed to minimize electricity use. Go for those that have Energy Star marks.

Tip #4: Be practical with your lights and appliances

In this context, it is important that you practice good habits so that you get to save electricity and lower energy bills. One habit would be turning off lights when they are not in use. That can cause a significant decrease in energy bills if your whole family does it. Show and lead by example.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind if you want to lower your home’s energy bills. It is time that the entire family became practical.