Leaving a rental property and finding a new one is troublesome, and to add to the list of hurdles is bond cleaning and final inspection of the rental property. You have to present the rental property in the best condition to get your bond money back. We have written an article that will help you immensely through the bond cleaning process.

Create a Cleaning Checklist

A checklist will help you tackle your tasks easily and efficiently. It is one of the best ways to start the bond cleaning process, by creating a checklist and including every area to be cleaned. This is done so that you can cover every nook and corner and impress the landlord or property manager, it will simplify your cleaning and saves you time. You can go back to this checklist if you want to make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly.

Begin Cleaning from the Top

Start cleaning from the top of any room and make your way down to the floor. Use the right tools to remove cobwebs and accumulated dust particles, dirt and other debris from the ceiling and walls. Don’t let the accumulated dust particles on the fan fall on the carpets if you have any, use a pillowcase to collect the dust. Remove stains, stubborn marks and other grime from your walls. If it seems to be tough, then hire the best bond cleaning service near you.

Clean Light Fixtures and Switchboards

Light fixtures and switchboards are the areas which are often overlooked when it comes to performing bond cleaning. A microfibre cloth can be used to wipe all the dirt away. You can also use homemade cleaning solutions like white vinegar, mild dishwashing and warm water to remove tough stains.

Clean Windows and Doors

You should always try to clean windows and doors with the right products, as harsh products may damage wooden windows and doors, and this can lead you to lose your bond money. Homemade cleaning solutions like white vinegar and baking soda mix are safe to use. This cleaning solution can also be used to remove any tough stains on windows and doors.

Carpet Cleaning

A stained carpet looks ugly and can lower the aura of your home, it can also spread diseases if it’s too dirty. So keeping the carpet clean is very important. If you are preparing for a final inspection, then make sure you vacuum the carpet and get rid of the dust, dirt, loose food particles and other debris. But, scrubbing carpet is not encouraged as it could ruin the fibres or cause discolouration.

Clean the Kitchen

Your kitchen needs deep cleaning because of all the grime and dirt it has to battle with daily. You can easily achieve sparkling results if you clean your kitchen daily, otherwise, it will be a bit difficult and you may need professional help. Alternatively, you can also browse efficient kitchen cleaning tips online.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean and sanitise the bathroom to present your home in pristine condition during the final inspection. Clean and disinfect the toilet seats, and remove mold and mildew using proper cleaning products and tools.