Are you wondering what the new and upcoming paint colours for 2023 might be? Not to worry as we have you covered, there are going to be some new colours entering 2023, but there will be some familiar colours following behind. From earthy greens right up to sophisticated pinks, here are some of the paint colour trend predictions for 2023.


Yellow is the first colour that is going to enter 2023 with us, especially for brands such as Dulux, who has announced their wild wonder colour. They have created a yellow-tinged shade, the aim of this colour is to connect us with the cycles of life. Yellow is the perfect colour to add a sense of positivity and energy within the home, yet it creates a nice grounded space for one to spend time. Giving that feeling of being at one with nature and the outside world, the prediction is that this tone of yellow will be considered the new sage green for painters and decorators, as it still offers a soft colour approach.

Raspberry Blush

For those that looking for an exuberant shade, raspberry blush is the perfect colour for you in 2023. This kind of colour is a unique and different shade of coral, the perfect way to make your walls feel more expressive. For anyone looking to plunge into chromatic colours, this kind of colour is perfect to start with. If you are someone who finds these kinds of colours daunting, you can always start with bringing a small gesture of this colour to the wall somewhere. As for others who aren’t scared to be bold and to take the plunge then the fearless colour is bound to take centre stage in your home, it won’t go unnoticed.

Forest Green

There are going to be so many new and fresh greens coming into town in 2023. However, the green that is set to become the most trending is Beverly, which has been created courtesy of Farrow & Ball’s newly launched paint colour collection. This storm forest green is set to evoke feelings of being surrounded by the outdoors and greenery. Pairing this mid green is the perfect colour to pair with neutral either tones, it is also the most ideal shade to add that desired feature wall into the home, without it becoming too overwhelming.

Sophisticated pinks

In recent years pink paint colours have become more and more popular, with more brands bringing out so many different shades of pink paint. Pink paint colours are still going to be popular in 2023. If you’re looking for your perfect pink wall paint shade, Victory Colours such a great range of different shades, to suit any home. Ranging from bright pinks like Pink Kiss No. 49 right up to lighter softer sophisticated pink paints like Paeony No. 66.


Blue has been such a popular colour for bedroom paint colour, as it’s a calming colour and makes a room feel tranquil. Within the past year, the blue trend has been with deeper and bolder blues, and the new trend for blue paints in 2023 will be ‘wine blue’. Farrow & Ball are the creators of this kind of blue, which has been inspired by midnight skies. The prediction is that this clean navy blue with be trending with people looking for brooding blues, to add to their homes.